16 teams are battling it out for a massive prize pool of INR 1 crore at the EKA Arena


As the curtains fall on 2023, KRAFTON India and BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) proudly reflect on a year filled with thrilling battles, monumental landmarks, record-breaking achievements. As total downloads for BGMI cross 199 million, with downloads for 2023 alone surpassing the 100 million mark, this journey has firmly solidified BGMI’s position as India’s most loved battle royale game.

Here are the trends that made BGMI the go-to battleground for action-packed gaming experiences in 2023:

Favorite Drop Locations: Picking Your Spot

Whether it’s predicting circle shifts or gearing up with the right weapons, every BGMI veteran recognizes that the perfect drop location can be the game-changer, making or breaking their match. In 2023, players most often chose the familiar halls of School, the strategic Sosnovka Military Base along with Hospital to kick-off their matches.

Weapon of the Year & Most Coveted Items

The M416, AKM, and UMP45 were popular choices, defining arsenals and making battles more intense. The Combat Knife, Pan, and M416 became the most looted items, playing a crucial role in survival during critical stages and contributing to a well-equipped arsenal.

Vehicles of Choice

In 2023 Players added style when exploring the vast world of BGMI with their vehicle choices. For navigating tough terrain, dependable options like Dacia and UAZ were favored.

Most Played Maps: Favorite Battlegrounds

These maps were the most played in 2023, offering players thrilling team battles and opportunities for strategic gameplay across the Battlegrounds. In BGMI’s dynamic world, the standout battle modes, Team Death Match Warehouse for intense team battles and Ranked Erangel for strategy, shaped the gaming landscape.

Most Anticipated In-Game Event             

In 2023, BGMI continued its tradition of delivering exciting in-game events and collaborations. BGMI elevated the gaming experience by introducing Ranveer Singh as a playable character and bringing a special crate and event where players could collect the actor’s voice pack, emotes inspired by his dance moves, themed rewards such as ornaments and space gifts and more.

The Dragon Ball Mode event further captivated players by seamlessly merging the thrill of BGMI with the iconic Dragon Ball universe, featuring themed modes for collecting Dragon Balls and a Battle Royale: Dragon Ball Super mode with unique character moves.

BGMI Player Strongholds

Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Bangalore, in order of player count, stand as strongholds of BGMI enthusiasts, showcasing the widespread popularity and dedicated player base that has contributed to BGMI’s success.

Most Engaged Community

In 2023, BGMI experienced tremendous participation across events and contests, establishing itself as one of the most engaged gaming communities to date.