@ Pincode Delhi’ we make it & serve it’ in the same distinguished way as it’s been served in Delhi’ says ‘Esha Gogia


From an early age, my life was a tapestry of rich culinary experiences and a deep seated passion for food. With a father who ran a restaurant, the culinary world was not just a family territory, but its a return to your roots.

Born in Varanasi raised in Delhi. The cities steeped in history and carried its own culinary identities. 

This early immersion laid the groundwork for a journey that led to the doors of Pincode Delhi, my own establishment nestled in Andheri East, Mumbai.

However the career didn’t start in the kitchen but rather in the corporate world. After a successful 12+ years of experience as nine to fiver, i called it quits. 

This transition is driven by more than just love for food, it’s fueled by a determination to carve out a space as a woman entrepreneur in this man dominating challenging industry.

The idea of starting a restaurant sparked in my days staying in Bangalore by a common observation for all migrants moving from the north missing flavourful food.

However, the idea did not materialise into reality due to a lot of other commitments. This came into reality when we moved to Mumbai due to our job transfers.

I started Pincode Delhi after only 3 months of us moving to the new city.

Starting a restaurant in the new city where you literally don’t know anyone, no friends ,relatives to take advice from.

It came with its own challenges, in terms of finding a good location, hunting a chef from base city Delhi, financial hurdles, arranging accommodation for staff, finding vendors for best rates,designing logo, setting up theme, marketing all this was not a cakewalk and due to financial crunch.

I was the sole incharge for taking care of all of the above by learning and googling new things which were not my forte.

Doing certain things single handedly with a small kid was tough. However, with the support of my husband who plays a vital role in believing in my concept and helping me in achieving this dream.

I also owe it to my parents and my god( Guruji) whose blessings and support were there throughout.

Pincode Delhi opened on 28th Sep, 2023, and within 6 months of opening we are proud to announce restaurant quickly acclaimed buzz in the city and its neighbourhood.

We have seen the queues outside waiting in no time, where it takes a few months to achieve a limelight.

We also received orders from a few television actors and OG Chole Bhature lover, Virat Kohli, he asked us to keep this hidden for a few reasons.

Few famous in our menu are –

Chole Bhature – We sell literally the Authentic Delhi wala Bhature Chola.

Our Paneer stuffed Bhatura and Chole are unique in its market as we came across multiple people who claim they have not eaten more yummier chola than this ever in MUMBAI.

We serve it with traditional carrot pickle and fried green chilli.

Amritsari Kulchas – This is again staple food of Amritsar ki galiyan- this is one crunchier Kulcha with choley and tangy imli chutney. The taste is authentic yet flavorful.

Esha Gogia – Restaurateur @ PINCODE DELHI

Delhi Style Chur Chur Naan – This is the flakiest and crunchier naan which you can literally crunch in your hands and see the magic.

This is served in traditional Delhi style with Dal Makhni and Shahi Paneer.

Soya Chaap – If we named it Pincode Delhi, this ought to be there, Delhi is known for making yummiest Soya chaap in different flavours.

So here we are making it in the same distinguished way it’s been served in Delhi.

Few things which makes us stand out with our competitors are :

We have chefs from Delhi and Amristsar so no compromise on taste and quality.

Everything’s been minutely managed to serve our customers the best taste if we acclaim we are from Delhi.

Authenticity of each and every dish being served. Limited menu so we can deliver the best.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Ms.Esha Gogia – Restaurateur of PINCODE DELHI at Andheri East, Mahakali Caves Road, Mumbai