Experience a joyride of flavours and the warmth of Tamilian home-style cooking @ Tanjore Tiffin Room


The Tanjore Tiffin Room is an ode to traditional homestyle Tamil food.  Founded by Kishore D.F, a restauranteur with legendary experience of over three decades known for his ventures like Pot Pourri, Lemon Grass Café, Seijo & The Soul Dish, WTF, Jimmy Hu, The Brooklyn Shuffle, The Bombay Bronx.

The restaurant launched in 2017 in Versova, with a vision to break the notion of food from the  being associated with just Idli and Sambar and showcase more authentic non-vegetarian dishes.

With Tanjore Tiffin Room the founders wanted to put Tamil Cuisine on the map of the culinary landscape.

Since its inception, the brand has expanded to Khar in 2019 and more recently, launched in Goa in 2023

The menu at the core of its culinary journey revolves around small plates, capturing the vibrant spirit of the city.

It goes beyond being just a meal; it’s an exploration of the cultural medley that defines Tamil cuisine.

It houses small plates like Marina Beach Sundal,  made of vatana tossed with raw mango, shredded coconut and onions; Yam Cutlet a perfect appetiser, crunchy on the outside and soft and spicy on the inside; Mushroom Pepper Fry, mushrooms tossed in freshly ground

pepper, coriander and fennel powder; Madras Tiger Prawns, grilled to perfection with butter, pepper garlic masala; Coromandel Clams made with yellow chilli and fresh coconut dry masala; Chilli Rib a succulent slow cooked pork rib glazed with Chettinad chilies.

Moving on to the mains, indulge in some traditional tamil-style dishes like Ennai Kathrrika made with small brinjals in a tangy tamarind curry with fresh ground masala, Poriyal a simple dish of dry mixed vegetables tossed with grated coconut, Madras Railway Curry, a classic anglo indian fix from the Arakkonam junction, a creamy coconut, onion and tomato based curry; Khorma a mild thick curry in a ground coconut, cashew nut and ginger garlic base which can be teamed with options like chicken, mutton, prawns.

The menu also offers delectable rice options like Jackfruit Biryani, Prawn Biryani, Egg Biryani and classic dishes like Lemon Rice, Sambhar Rice and more.

To compliment the exquisite cuisine, The Tanjore Tiffin Room offers a carefully curated selection of cocktails.

Guests can enjoy an array of creative cocktails while soaking in the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere.

The menu features enticing options like the X & The Sour Equation, blending vodka, X Rated liqueur, cranberry, and lime; the Pondicherry Punch, a refreshing Orange & Basil Mojito; the Sundance Kid, combining Passion Fruit, Elderflower, Tequila, Triple sec, and citrus mix; or the Tamil Sunrise, a tropical LITT with orange juice for those who love tropical flavours.

As guests step into this gastronomic sanctuary, they embark on a journey, savouring not just dishes but memories woven through time.

It’s an invitation to experience a joyride of flavours and the warmth of Tamilian home-style cooking.