Isha Shukla’ took on the challenge of bringing the brand ‘KAKE DI HATTI’ to this city by opening its first outlet


Life is indeed a journey of self-discovery, a winding path filled with twists and turns, challenges, failures, and triumphs, each step leaving an indelible mark on the person I am today.

My journey commenced in the small town of Boisar, where I completed my 10th grade under the CBSE board. Fueled by aspirations of pursuing my passion for drawing and paintings, I ventured forth to South Mumbai to embark on the next chapter of my academic journey.

There, I pursued my graduation in Fine Arts, specializing in the painting and portrait department.I honed my skills and cultivated my passion for creative expression, guided by mentors of the visual arts.

Although my academic performance during those formative years did not particularly shine, I harbored grand aspirations of achieving success, wealth & prosperity in the future.

I grew up in a family where things were sometimes difficult, but my mom is a really strong woman and keeps us all together. She’s like the glue that holds our family tight, even now. And my dad is always there for us, working hard and supporting us every step of the way. He’s like a strong pillar that we can always lean on.

After doing some research, I discovered the brand ‘KAKE DI HATTI’, which surprisingly didn’t have any restaurants in Mumbai. I decided to take on the challenge of bringing this renowned brand to the city by opening its first outlet here.

Kake Di Hatti is a famous brand that has been around since 1942, with over 100 outlets all across India. It’s known for serving authentic North Indian cuisine for more than seven decades.

Using traditional methods and a special blend of herbs and spices, including Hamam Dasta, they prepare their signature Naans and dishes, giving them a unique and unbeatable flavor.

One of their specialties is serving the biggest Naan in the country, earning them the title of the “King of Naan”.

Embark on a culinary adventure and savor over 50 different varieties of world-class appetizing Naans, available in the sizes of Nikka which means small, Baby which means medium  and Kake which means big size, along with our creative inclusions. It’s truly fulfilling to witness people leaving with smiles and laughter after dining at my restaurant.

It reinforces my belief that this is what I’ve always wanted to do – to bring joy to others through the delicious flavors and experiences we create.

Seeing the happiness on my guests’ faces validates the success of my decision to open Kake Di Hatti in Mumbai.

It’s a reminder that pursuing my passion and bringing a beloved brand to this city was the right choice, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share the taste and happiness of KDH with the people of Mumbai.

I ran my own brand’s cloud kitchen for three years, and it is a success but opening a restaurant presented a significant challenge. I started this business and faced many challenges, especially with not much of Dine-In experience, when I opened my own franchise restaurant in Mumbai.

Although I believe that everything is possible if you believe in yourself. I was confident enough to make it possible, knowing that I could and would do it one day, despite the challenges. I also knew that there would be a beautiful sunrise after a dark night.

I come from an imperfect family because perfection is nowhere to be found. I belong to a middle-class family, and I have literally cried due to the lack of money and the challenges my family has faced.

I vowed to completely change my life and my family’s life, no matter what it takes. Build a positive attitude towards reaching your destination,’The winner has a solution for every problem; the loser has a problem for every solution.  

Isha Shukla – Restaurateur ‘KAKE DI HATTI

Today, as I take a moment to look back on my journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the countless opportunities that have come my way. I owe a debt of gratitude to my family and the people whose unwavering support and  belief in me have been the cornerstone of my success.

Three simple yet powerful lines have become my mantra, guiding me through each day: “I am blessed, I am grateful, and I will never take my life for granted.” These affirmations serve as constant reminders of the abundance and blessings that surround me, motivating me to embrace each moment with humility and appreciation.

From the humble beginnings of a small-town girl with audacious dreams, I embark on each new chapter of my life journey with an open heart, a curious mind, and an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the world. During this journey, you might see that most people—about 90%—won’t believe in you. But you gotta believe in yourself and not let them bring you down. Remember, brave folks keep going until they reach their goals.

So, trust yourself, ignore the doubters, and keep pushing forward. You’ll get there!  Through the transformative power of entrepreneurship, I strive to leave a lasting legacy of innovation, compassion, and change. With each endeavor, I am fueled by a deep sense of purpose and a relentless drive to create a better future for myself and those around me.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Ms.Isha Shukla – Restaurateur & Brand Owner of ‘KAKE DI HATTI, Andheri West, Link Road, Mumbai.