Vivek Rathi, National Director Research, Knight Frank India India’s GDP crossing 4 Trillion Dollar mark


“India, having achieved a monumental GDP milestone of over USD 4 trillion, stands tall as a beacon of economic prowess and global influence. The nation’s remarkable trajectory of growth and development has not only elevated living standards but has also paved the way for a substantial reduction in poverty. India’s economic narrative is one of resilience and promise. Embracing digital transformation, the country has harnessed the power of technology to drive financial inclusion, provide essential services, demonstrate elevated levels of transparency and governance, and champion women’s empowerment.

At the heart of this economic surge is the real estate sector, a dynamic force poised to reach USD 5.8 trillion by 2047 and contribute to 15.5% of Indian economy. The sector’s pivotal role in contributing to GDP growth is evident in the record-breaking growth led by increase in home sales but complemented by its office, retail, warehouse, and other sunrise sectors in FY23. Fueled by foreign investments in commercial real estate, and domestic investor participation in housing, the industry is set to propel India’s economic strength to new heights, underscoring the nation’s commitment to sustainable and robust growth.”