Vantage Circle Empowers Organisations with Behavioural Science to Boost Productivity


Vantage Circle Empowers Organisations with Behavioural Science to Boost Productivitya global leader in the SaaS-based Employee Engagement sector is thrilled to announce the strategic integration of behavioural science into its platform. This one-of-a-kind approach aims to address workplace productivity challenges effectively, thus demonstrating the organisation’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge research and insights to enhance workplace dynamics. Thereby they have taken up the brand message “Recognise and Nurture Productive Behaviours for Business Growth”.

The study of behavioural science has evolved significantly over the years, focusing now on the psychological and social factors that influence human behaviour. Most historians trace the history of behavioural science to the early 20th century wherein researchers sought to understand the mechanisms of human behaviour and what drives them to behave in the certain ways and how these actions can be influenced. Gradually, as workplaces became increasingly diverse and complex, understanding human behaviour became essential for effective management, communication, and collaboration.

Behavioural Science provides valuable insights into challenges such as employee motivation, communication barriers, and resistance to change- all of which can impact productivity. By identifying these issues, organisations can implement strategies to address them effectively, whether through incentive systems, clear goal-setting, or initiatives promoting employee well-being and work-life balance.

Neglecting these aspects of employee behaviour can result in decreased employee satisfaction, diminished performance, thus harming the overall growth and productivity of the organisation. To harness these insights, our dedicated Research and Development team, comprising seasoned behavioural scientists, conducts thorough analyses of employee patterns and preferences. This scientific approach enables us to craft tailored employee engagement solutions, that cultivate a dynamic work enviornment where every individual feels valued and motivated. At Vantage Circle, we aim to establish the importance of recognition and provide a desired habit or behaviour of core values across the whole organisation. We aim to address this through the use of our proprietary framework, AIRe Assessment Tool and through the use of technology. Technology can map the core values decided by organisation as the ideal productive behaviour and reinforce such behaviours through rewards and recognition.

Speaking on this integration, Mr. Partha Neog, CEO and Co-founder of Vantage Circle said, “Our repositioning as a Behavioural Science Powered Employee Engagement Platform underscores our commitment to unlocking organisational potential by aligning R&R Programs for recognising and rewarding productive human behaviour. By leveraging cutting-edge research and technology, we empower companies to foster a culture which enhances productivity for business success.”