Budget Reaction by Mr. Shalabh Chaturvedi, Managing Director, CASE Construction Equipment, India & SAARC


“With the decision to increase Capex by ~11% to ~₹11 lakh crore, representing 3.4% of the GDP, for the fourth consecutive year, the government is reinforcing their focus on sustainable long term growth, enhancing the nation’s infrastructural backbone.

The introduction of the three major railway corridors and the expansion of airport facilities in the country is a welcome move in the direction of improving logistics as a GDP growth lever.

Key rail infrastructure projects, including Metro Rail and Namo Bharat, expanding to more cities, convey a clear emphasis on connecting rural to urban Bharat.

Furthermore, new initiatives to improve port connectivity, infrastructure, and facilities will open up opportunities for job creation while boosting tourism.

It is a well-rounded budget that demonstrates the government’s continued emphasis on important sectors.”