Pepperfry Reveals Top Trends in 2023 with the launch of its ‘Home Beat’ Report


Pepperfry, the leading ecommerce platform for Furniture and Home Goods, has unveiled a compelling narrative in its Home Beat Report 2023. Based on all transactions made on the platform from January 1, 2023, to December 11, 2023, the Pepperfry Home Beat Report 2023 provides interesting insights into consumer trends as well as the home goods purchasing habits of Indians from different states and cities of the country. According to the report, Maharashtra led the demand surge for Furniture and Home Goods among Indian states in 2023. The other states that feature among the top five for buying Furniture and Home Goods in 2023 were Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi.

In 2023, India witnessed a notable shift in home shopping patterns, revealing a surge in demand for personalized home decor and furnishings. Pepperfry’s comprehensive analysis highlighted this trend, indicating a growing consumer inclination towards enhancing their living spaces. Projections indicate Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets as pivotal growth drivers in the forthcoming 3-5 years, propelled by evolving consumer behaviour and economic advancements. The rapid rise of organized retail in Furniture and Home Goods sectors underscores the significance of an Omni Channel strategy, pivotal in instilling consumer trust. With an increasing focus on home aesthetics, the Home Goods category is poised for remarkable expansion, fuelled by consumers’ desires to tailor their homes to reflect their personalities.

Ashish Shah, Chief Executive Officer at Pepperfry, said, “Pepperfry’s Home Beat Report 2023 illuminates the evolving landscape of Furniture and Home Goods consumption, providing a comprehensive overview of consumer preferences in a country as diverse as India. It gives a fascinating insight into the lifestyle of each region and their home décor priorities. The report highlights how consumption pattern and preferences change from one region to another and how is India decorating their Homes.”

Kushal Budhia, Chief Category Officer at Pepperfry, added, “We are excited to share significant insights gleaned from our customers over the past year. Whether in a bustling Metro city or a Tier-II location, the Indian buyer is making a distinct mark. The diversity in their purchases is truly heartening, ranging from sofas to shoe racks, wall art to dhurries, and home fragrances. As we step into 2024, it will be fascinating to observe the trajectory of these trends.

The products that were high on demand in 2023 from among Pepperfry’s 50+ Furniture categories and 120+ Home Goods categories were sofas, beds, study tables, office furniture, centre tables, bed sheets, cushions and covers, bath linen, mattresses and lamps. The diverse range of high-quality products offered by the brand also witnesses impressive sales frequency. Brisk sales of specific products take place every 10, 15, 30 minutes, and hourly intervals, catering to the diverse needs of valued customers.

When it comes to pan-India appeal, there was a high demand for 2-seater sofas, Queen Beds, Queen-size bedsheet and office chairs across India. Remarkably, among sofa categories, sofa-cum-beds emerged as the most sought-after product, with a substantial number of purchases recorded in Mumbai, a place where space is precious to come by. Mumbai, ranking third among the top five cities to witness substantial traction in furniture and Home Goods purchases, is leading in several categories.

Pepperfry, in its 12th year, has gone on to become the largest marketplace in ecommerce Furniture and Home Goods. It is consistently living up to its commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of making every house a warm and inviting home. With over a lakh of listings representing more than 1,000+ brands, and presence in 170+ stores across 90+ cities, the ecommerce furniture brand is dedicated to serving customers in over 300+ cities. The company boasts an impressive, owned supply chain, ensuring timely deliveries to more than 200 cities.