Special mention to the owner and staff who make the customers feel welcome at MAASLLI


“Seafood of the Saraswat’s, GSB’s and Malwani’s. Food is a symbol of love and sharing. And to share this love is the sole purpose of Maaslli.

The Konkan natives denote fish or seafood as Maaslli. We at Maaslli believe in serving food that speaks, aroma that endures and flavours which you savour.

Blending the rich flavours tof the coconut and aromatic spices like Trifal, Kokum, red chillies, nutmeg, anise and curry leaves in our dishes with the methodology of imbibing the Konkan essence in every serving.

The secret to mouth watering delicacies is slow cooking with traditional cooking techniques. Maaslli brings to you authentic Seafood cuisine from lost recipes of the Konkan region.

Speaking to the Restaurateur duo Rajesh Sadanand Nayak and Prasad Sadanand Nayak we gathered the chronology of this restaurant which offers “Nice service, ambience and food plus reasonable rates”.do go thru.

1950‘s : My Father Late Shri Sadanand Nayak runs away from his village in Karnataka as a teenager with a dream to succeed in life

1961 : He fulfills his dream with the purchase of Liberty Restaurant and Juice Center located in New Marine Lines 

1983 : He passes away with a strict principle of “Quality and Service Comes First”. 

2016 : Mr Rajesh Sadanand Nayak and Mr Prasad Sadanand Nayak open up Liberty Restaurant in Worli. 

Although very successful until Covid 19 but thereafter the areas footfall changes drastically. 

To make things worst the Charity Commissioners Office opposite the restaurant moves to a different location. This brings the business down on its knees.

2022 : We eventually decided to follow our mothers advise to convert the place into a seafood restaurant and introduce our home style food to the world.

2023 : Food and service is largely accepted far and wide making us realise one thing in life that one should not rely on any landmark for business instead one has to strive to be one.

GSB Food The entire cuisine is a hidden gem and has never been offered to pubic at large.

The cuisine boasts of flavours and aroma being the major distinguished factor as compared to other cuisines.

Most of the items have Coconut, Turmeric and Hing, which are magical to our health.

No matter how much you eat, you are assured that you will not end up with bloating or the feeling of being stuffed.

Uniqueness of Maaslli At Maaslli we take pride in guests taking back their experiences and not the bill.

We offer guests a wide range of culinary art which has individual taste and are superstars in the own right.

We even offer Coconut Oil and Hing water to enhance the dishes even further.

At Maaslli we preach “we serve what we like to eat”. Rajesh Sadanand Nayak Classical example of being perfect.

He’s the brain behind Menu, Design and the infrastructure of Maaslli. 

Starting at a young age he has ensured smooth running of the restaurants, juice centre and now Maaslli.

He is always in the kitchen ensuring the best is served to guests. 

Prasad Sadanand Nayak Left a luxurious life in UK to expand the family business, initially as Liberty and now growing into Maaslli. 

He handles marketing, operations and PR for the restaurant. Motto of life is “Service and Quality” As we say at Maaslli “DEV BARE KARO”

Courtesy : In Conversation with the the Restaurateur duo Rajesh Sadanand Nayak and Prasad Sadanand Nayak at MAASLLI at Worli, Mumbai.