Celebrate Aavakay’s 5-Year Triumph in Kandivali – A Culinary Jewel Offering the Richness of Southern Indian Delicacies


Savor a Gastronomic Journey with Indian- Chinese and Mangalorean Twist,Complimented by an Exclusive Selection of Indian and International Beverages

Aavakay has been a beacon of Southern hospitality and cuisine in Kandivali for five gratifying years.

It marries the hearty flavors of Andhra Pradesh with the zest of Indian-Chinese,the coastal tang of Mangalore,and the staple delights of Kerala and Bangalore.

Food lovers have consistently flocked to Aavakay for an authentic tapestry of Southern culinary arts.

Adding to its charm is an eclectic barcurating a mix of Indian and imported cocktails and mocktails.

The restaurant’s dedication to genuine flavors and quality is evident in every dish,created using only the finest ingredients rooted in the indigenous practices of the regions represented.

As Aavakay ushers in its sixth year,the story of its culinary excellence gains another chapter.

It stands proud,a haven for those who yearn for a synergy of comforting Indian-Chinese flair,a slice of Mangalorean serenity,the warmth of Kerala’s spices,and the wholesomeness of Andhra’s tradition,all under one roof.

Aavakay’s story is one of consistency,innovation,and a heartfelt commitment to unparalleled dining experiences.

This place is a very cozy & has different vibeThe staff is very polite & helpful..Services are quick. They serve food in a very nice way i.e in banana leaf which makes it really unique and gives homely feel’

They have different seating space depending on groups & a really cute photo booth outside the outlet


Both the mocktails were really nice & refreshing I personally loved litchi lemonade it had a really nice flavour to it..Litchi lemonade..Citrus cooler


Panner 65 – This actually was better than the regular Panner 65 that we had it was in south style & was served in steel plate coated with banana leaf on to it the panner was very soft & well cooked & the gravy it had was really unique and tempting.

Crispy Veg

This as well had a very good flavour perfectly crispy and very well sautéed

Main course

Mixed veg Talimpu : This actually was something we tried for first time basically mixed vegetables in a onion gravy & had south spices added which made it really different than the regular dishes

Chef Amol Janawalekar

Malabari Paratha

Good crispy & fresh cooked paratha was perfect duo with the sabji that we opted


Pootharekulu : Again something really unique that I tried for very first time this was basically rice coated outside & stuffed with dry fruits inside. Crispy & sweet . Really nice.

For those who love to try authentic Andhra , South food would definitely love this as most of the dishes here are very authentic and unique than usuals.

They do have general dishes too but will recommend to try there specialised dishes if you visit here.

Overall had a very good experience

AAVAKAY’s : Food Creators

Courtesy : In Conversation with Sudhakar Shetty – Restaurateur at AAVAKAY, Kandivali East, Mumbai and some of the frequenters at the Restaurant.