BBC : Amazing food, Served hot, Clean place, Good waiters and of course pleasant ambience


Borivali biriyani centre, better known as BBC has more centres in Mumbai but the menu varies quite a lot. We were recommended tangdi kebab.

We enjoyed paya soup, rawas koliwada and paneer Koliwada. Biriyani was great & spicy. It is a decent ambience and fast service.

Amazing food. Served hot. Good waiters. Clean place. And of course pleasant ambience. I would recommend it.

Biryani was awesome…one must go there atleast once and taste its biryani…..they will never forget its taste..I’m pretty sure.

Borivali biryani serves the most authentic biryanis in town.The Rice is so long and well cooked the aroma of biryani is just wonderful the meat and chicken in biryani is so well cooked and tender you can’t just deny from having the quantity and quality of biryani is just wonderful.

No compromise in flavours everything served here is fresh and healthy.The Delivery pack is so good.

Chicken tikka biryani is my favourite and tandoori. The place is very spacious and open atmosphere. Crowd is decent. Taste is worth the price. Staff is polite. Order doesn’t take much time.

This is one place in Mumbai where you can get authentic biryani. It was just too good to be true. After filling ourselves with the mouthwatering biryani we tried the custurd, just heavenly !!!

Not to be missed. Will definitely go there again whenever nearby. A must vist place if you love good muglai food.Like Biryani? Love Biryani? Relish on Biryani? Try the Borivali Biryani Centre also known as BBC.

I have been here with my family for dinner and it turned out to be one of the best places to relish on the variety of biryanis offered.

Authentic non-veg food. Tasty kababs and biryani. Dum biryani is a must try dish. Butter chicken and chicken tikka masala gravy is also nice if you want to have with butter naan/roti. 

Total Value for money place. Good Biryani, nicely cooked food, Nicely maintained place, hygienic, neat and clean, easy accessibility

We ordered Mutton Biryani, Chicken tikka biryani, and egg biryani.

To be honest, the mutton and tikka biryani were the best and worth for a second round. However, the egg biryani was average.

We picked up our veg biryani form here for the first time. Quality is nice. Quantity is also worth the price. I like spicy food and I enjoyed it. Must try once.

Keep a note that order only 1 biryani since the quantity is more and could serve 2 people.

BBC serves excellent Biryani. We had the Chicken Biryani & it was indeed very nice. They have a large seating area & is really a value for money restaurant.

This is an awesome family restaurant best for non-veg. We visited on wednesday when it was crowded yet the service was good.

We ordered chicken tandoori and noorani kebab. The kebab mix of mutton and chicken were delicious.Main course we had the signature dum biryani which is also yum to have here.

A budgeted hotel with good taste.This is a true place for biryani lovers not for casual walk ins.Texture of biryani is authentic and taste is truly delicious. For vegetarian paneer tikka biryani is not to be miss at any cost. And vegetable biryani is good too.

Biryani tends to be spicy in original form but if you wish mild ones do instruct at the time placing the order.

The biryani is very good specially the Chicken tikka biryani & the Qty is also very filling if you ever order the large portion then its good enough to serve min. 5-6 people & the paneer biryani is also very taste.

They even serve tandoori stuff. but unfortunately they don’t have a tandoori platter. this is one thing i would suggest they should start. their service is quick.

To start off you can order for masala papad with green chatni.

Ended up in BBC and we did enjoy the yummy Biryani. We ended up eating 3 full biryani as it was really tasty.

Borivali Biryani Centre ….house of a great combination of quality & quantity when it comes to serving Biryani.

Their amazing varieties as a result of thier constant endeavours, creative concepts of cooking methods with meat, vegetables, spices & garnishing results in the most flavourful and fragrant biryanis 

Paneer tikka biryani for the vegetarians is a heavenly dish…a must have. We had ordered for our office lunch and we couldn’t have asked for more.The paneer was extremely soft. Borivali Biryani Centre has the bestest briyani according to me. Also the staff were amazing and kept serving us and when we were about to finish.

Now, here is the BBC Chef’s advise.,If you are a pure Vegetarian then you should compulsory taste the Veg.Matka Biryani & if you are a strong Non- Vegetarian then it’s a compulsion that you need to taste Chicken Matka Biryani & Mutton Matka Biriyani, else you have missed the world of good food.

Co-owners Pradeep Udeshi, Maharshi Udeshi & Hardik Udeshi of Borivali Biryani Centre

Nice food tasty …..awesome interior … family visit place …best services ever …as well as waiting is also there because people will wait to have food there because it is just awesome.

Courtesy : In Conversation with the Co-owners Pradeep Udeshi, Maharshi Udeshi & Hardik Udeshi of Borivali Biryani Centre, Borivali, Mumbai, alongwith foodies & frequenters at the restaurant.