Cureskin witnesses surge in demand from Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities across India


Cureskin, a leading AI-powered dermatology platform delivering dermatology solutions to consumers nationwide via its innovative app & products, recently reached over 1.5 Crore cases.

Notably, 90% of these users come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, highlighting the crucial role Cureskin plays in addressing the lack of access to qualified dermatologists in these regions. With availability in 6 regional languages (including English) and coverage of over 19,000 pin codes across India, Cureskin is committed to serving diverse communities nationwide.

Utilising cutting-edge technology, the Cureskin app meticulously analyses over 5 million skin pixels and 2000 facial attributes, ensuring precise evaluations under various lighting conditions and angles. This extensive analysis is underpinned by the examination of over 50 million photos representing diverse demographics, ensuring each user receives a customised treatment plan adapted to their specific skin concerns.

Powered by advanced AI technology, Cureskin’s app delivers a 3-second diagnosis response rate, leveraging deep learning models trained on millions of images to identify and address a wide range of skin concerns with exceptional accuracy. It offers personalised solutions for over 21 unique skin and hair conditions, segmenting consumers into over 65,000 unique profiles for tailored treatments.

Guna Kakulapati, CEO and Co-founder of Cureskin, emphasised the importance of personalised experiences in skincare, stating, “Through Cureskin, we’re democratising access to expertise, offering expert-guided solutions to all, regardless of location or background. Our mission has always been to bridge the gap in healthcare access, particularly in regions where traditional dermatological services are scarce. With over 1 Cr benefiting from our check-ups, we’re proud to offer individualised treatment designs. We’re excited to continue driving innovation and positively impacting millions across India.”

As Cureskin continues to innovate and expand its reach, it remains committed to simplifying skincare for everyone, every day. With a focus on accessibility, inclusivity, and efficacy, Cureskin is poised to revolutionise the skincare industry and positively impact the lives of millions across India.