Vespa Celebrates the Year of the Dragon in Hong Kong


Vespa, the timeless icon of Italian lifestyle and a free spirit, ushers in a new era debuting the exclusive limited-edition Vespa 946 Dragon and matching varsity jacket in honor of the Year of the Dragon.

The iconic brand brings its distinctive Italian edge on the road, harnessing the power of the dragon, a mythological creature that holds unparalleled force and is regarded as an omen of prosperity, with a dedicated Lunar New Year celebration event in Hong Kong last night, January 24. Hosted at mixed-use arts and design hub PMQ, guests included friends of the brand Thai actor Bright, actress and model Kanyawee Songmuang, nicknamed Thanaerng, and Hong Kong native singer MC Cheung among others.


Greeted by an immersive neon light tunnel, guests stepped into the world of Vespa where they had an exclusive opportunity to preview the Vespa 946 Dragon on display in a customised neon green cargo container. Live DJ performance by DJ Xiaolin added to the excitement and vibrancy of the evening.


Key fashion and lifestyle influencers, socialites, and VIPs were in attendance including Thai superstar Bright, Hong Kong pop singer and idol MC Cheung, along with Thai model, actress and style icon Thanaerng. 

Vespa’s inaugural fashion item, an exclusive Dragon Varsity Jacket, made its debut on superstar Bright.  Drawing from the Vespa 946 Dragon’s design, the ribbed wool and nappa leather-sleeved varsity jacket features a dragon motif in emerald green alongside prints and embroideries on the left pocket and back panel. The jacket’s front panel features Vespa’s iconic V monogram accompanied by an ancient Chinese proverb.  The exclusive collection, crafted from high-end materials and featuring innovative and luxurious details, echoes the bold ethos so central to the Year of the Dragon.

Available in a limited run of 1888 items, the Vespa 946 is emblazoned with a vibrant emerald green dragon motif that snakes around the livery.

The event also attracted the attendance of leading style influencers such as actors Kenji Fan, Martin Wong, and Bruce Tong, celebrity models Irisa Wong, Matthew Han, and Dong Dong, and coveted filmmaker and content creator Jazzie Sillona amongst many others.