Starting from Khar, to Todi Mill – antiSOCIAL has evolved with the changing preferences of Indian consumers


This October, antiSOCIAL, India’s iconic performance venue, is gearing up for a month-long celebration as it marks its glorious eight years of unforgettable performances. Founded with the vision to be an experience of a lifetime, antiSOCIAL has emerged as a dynamic focal point for community, collaboration, and creativity, nurturing communities and uniting people through shared cultural experiences. From hosting transformative workshops to curating immersive music events, antiSOCIAL has continually pushed the boundaries by crafting an ambience where performers, creative professionals and communities can fully immerse themselves in a world of captivating soundscapes and unparalleled sensory experiences.

The avant-garde performance venue is all set to celebrate this significant milestone in style with a resounding celebration of creativity and collaboration. As part of the festivities, antiSOCIAL is also launching a limited-period Exclusive Membership Card. The membership card opens the doors to a year of complimentary access to all events, VIP privileges, and exclusive discounts on drinks and merchandise, making it an indispensable accessory for loyal patrons and enthusiasts alike.

The celebration continues with an eagerly awaited showcase featuring a stellar line-up of both national and international artists. It kicks off on the 15th with the ‘Chameleon World’ Album Tour, promising sold-out shows. The musical journey continues with the electrifying New World Order featuring Godless, Maneating Orchid & Midhaven, followed by sLick! Halloween featuring Amotik (DE), Ana Lilia, and Seventh Sea.

Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Vivek Dudani, Head of Events & Programming at antiSOCIAL, and the creative force behind this venture said, “A fundamental presence in India’s nightlife landscape, antiSOCIAL is renowned for showcasing the best in music and contemporary culture from India and around the globe. Over the past eight years, we’ve witnessed antiSOCIAL evolve from a daytime cafe and restaurant into a dynamic community space and performance venue come nightfall. It has truly become a second home for creative communities of all kinds. The vision was to create a venue that could thrive as a hub for artists and performers to showcase their talents. Musicians, dancers, writers, and artists of all kinds now have a platform to express themselves and connect intimately with their audience.”Top of Form

Mayank Bhatt, CEO of Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Private Limited, stated “Throughout the transformative journey of eight years, antiSOCIAL has solidified its position as the ultimate music destination in India. We aim to establish a haven for creativity and cultural expression turning antiSOCIAL into a vibrant epicentre, drawing both local and international artists who unite to kindle the essence of music and art.”

By the end of 2023, Impresario Entertainment and Hospitality Private Limited has set its sight on expanding to Goa and Hyderabad. This strategic move aims to introduce contemporary Indian culture to a broader national audience establishing antiSOCIAL as the premier destination for cultural enrichment.