Inauguration of Versova’s New Health and Wellness Garden by Shashi Ranjan and Bharati Lavekar


The garden situated at – Park Plaza Garden, Opposite Fisheries Institute, Yari Road, Versova offers a space where residents can unwind, exercise, and foster a sense of unity within the community

Residents of Versova have a new reason to rejoice as the vibrant community celebrates the grand inauguration of a garden in Versova. This green oasis, designed to promote physical fitness and mental well-being, is set to become the heart of the community, motivating residents to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

With lush lawns, vibrant flower beds, and shady trees, the garden provides a serene and refreshing environment for relaxation and meditation.  Whether it’s cardio workouts, strength training, or stretching exercises, the garden has something for everyone. Walking tracks wind through the garden, ensuring residents can enjoy a leisurely stroll or an invigorating jog in a picturesque setting. The garden also boasts comfortable seating areas and social spots where residents can gather, chat, or simply soak in the atmosphere.

Shashi Ranjan shared his thoughts on the project, stating“This garden is a reflection of the unity and commitment of the Versova community. It is a space for people to come together, pursue a healthier lifestyle, and find solace in nature. We hope it will inspire residents to lead happier and healthier lives”

Bharati Lavekar added “I believe that physical health is closely linked to mental well-being, and this garden is a testament to our shared commitment to the overall wellness of Versova’s residents. Let this be a place where friendships are formed and healthy habits are nurtured”