Seth M. R. Jaipuria School launches CBSE School in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan


Seth M. R. Jaipuria Schools, India’s most respected education brand, renowned for its exceptional K-12 educational approach, has begun operating a CBSE school in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. This expansion aims to provide a unique educational experience, blending modern perspectives with traditional values. This would be the group’s first K-12 School in Rajasthan, and 55th overall across the country. The legacy of the group has been for 7 decades in education.

Mr. Shreevats Jaipuria, Vice Chairperson of Jaipuria Group, emphasized the group’s historical commitment to elevating the quality of education in India. He expressed optimism about further impact in Rajasthan. “Our denim manufacturing unit, Ginni International, runs very close from here in Neemrana; we have been running internationally acclaimed MBA college at Jaipur under name Jaipuria Institute of Management. And now, setting up of a K12 School in Rajasthan validates our commitment towards national transformation PAN India, and I am glad that we’ve come to Bhiwadi”!

Mr. Jaipuria emphasized the significance of focusing on social skills alongside academic excellence. He stressed that “holistic development rests upon a foundation of curricular and co-curricular learning, grooming students to be not only accomplished professionals but also compassionate human beings. Our best-in-class educational pedagogies, training and facilities will make this a School of Choice in the region. Our experience of working with 42,000+ students and 2,500+ educators shall pave way for excellence in Rajasthan as well. This is the start; we envision operating at least 10 more top of the line K-12 schools in Rajasthan in the near future”. Further he emphasise on the purpose of education towards societal development. India, that is Bharat will benefit and become world leader through focus on Ruchi, Yogyta and Vishwas.

Dr. Priti Ojha, Principal outlined the schools’ progressive, co-educational vision. “With overall vision of the Jaipuria Group, the school is set to provide a robust educational foundation, centred on activity-based learning, holistic development, and a child-centric approach. The CBSE Affiliated School from Nursery to 12, features top-tier facilities and initiatives, interactive digital classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, library, and a global curriculum aligning with NEP 2020. The school also plans to offer 40+ activities, including sports, arts, and more” said the Principal. “We are probably the only K-12 School offering conversational Sanskrit curriculum – Devabhasha – from pre-primary levels. Music labs, video labs, coding and all will happen, but I am mostly committed to holistic development of students along with values enhancement”.

Addressing the gathering, The Chief Mentor of the School, Mr. Harit Sharma said “The school shall function with focus on educational expertise, and with the constant supervision of the Jaipuria Group Corporate Office from New Delhi, we would be able to provide for the foundation of a great building block for the future. I am looking forward to the group’s strength of events such as Crescendo, Pinnacle, Siddhi, Upskill and others. Jaipuria will enhance the quality of education in the region”.  

Mr. Kanak Gupta- Director of Jaipuria Group said, “The response from parents and students has been overwhelming since news of the school spread. This has reaffirmed our faith in our vision. We believe the child should be at the centre of the teaching-learning process, we believe in activity based learning, we believe there should be a good mix of academic and co-curricular activities for overall development of the child, and at Jaipuria, we will provide each and every child with such opportunities. Over decades, we’ve had 99% first divisioners in Board exams. Our students get access to sports, cultural and activities to enhance their 21st century skills”.

Mr. Jaipuria concluded saying “My vision for the Bhiwadi Campus is one of eminence and global impact. We’ve often believed Jaipurians don’t merely read history, but create history, and I am sure that students of Bhiwadi are destined for greatness and creating history”!