Marut Drones Launches Seedcopter 2.0; India’s first reforestation drone services for Corporates and CSR


Marut Drones, India’s premier Drone manufacturing Company, has introduced its pioneering product, the Seedcopter 2.0 – India’s first reforestation drone. Marut Drones is delighted to announce the availability of Seedcopter services to corporate entities, enabling them to actively engage in CSR activities and reforestation efforts. Marut aspires to bring together corporate entities and their dedicated CSR teams to take the services of Seedcopters in the reforestation journey, an activity that would align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 13, 15, 17 & 9) and actively participate in the management of their carbon footprint while making a lasting and transformative impact on the environment.

Deforestation remains a pressing global concern, with statistics revealing the loss of 1.3 million sq km. of forest cover between 1990 and 2016, resulting in the disappearance of a staggering 15 billion trees annually. In response to this environmental crisis, Marut Drones has been harnessing the power of Seedcopter 2.0 since 2021, which stands as a testament to how technology, combined with community engagement, can drive positive change, and mitigate the dire consequences of deforestation. Marut Drones has successfully utilized the Seedcopter for its ongoing mission ‘Hara Bahara campaign’ to plant One Billion Trees by 2030. The notable achievement of planting more than one crore trees across 9 states like Telangana, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Tamil Nadu, Assam in 2022 reflects the undeniable success of Seedcopter. Marut is on a mission to restore 900 forests through ‘Hara-Bahara’ campaign and is already well underway.

Renowned actor and environmental advocate Rana Daggubati, joined forces with Marut Drones in 2021 to increase forest cover in India through rapid afforestation, using Seedcopter. On the launch of Seedcopter 2.0, he said, “At the heart of sustainable change lies community collaboration and empowerment. Marut Drones has developed an innovative and scalable solution for reforestation and revegetation that is faster and cheaper than traditional manual planting practices. By actively involving rural women to procure mass seedlings, Marut Drones is sowing the seeds of a greener future by making it a community exercise.”

Speaking on the launch Prem Kumar Vislawath, CEO of Marut Drones, expressed his enthusiasm for making Seedcopter 2.0 available for corporate use with a CSR perspective, stating, “With Seedcopter, we’re not just planting trees; we’re sowing hopes of replanting a forest, one drone at a time. By making Seedcopter 2.0 available as a service for corporate entities, we aim to extend the reach of drone technology, inviting more stakeholders to contribute to India’s green cover.As stewards of this planet, we have a duty to revive the forests we’ve lost.”