Cigniti Wins ISG Case Study Standout Award for its AI/ML Solution in the Education Industry


Cigniti Technologies, the world’s leading AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services company, is honored to receive the ISG Case Study Standout Award in the Education category for its AI/ML decision-making predictive model work for Adelphoi, a leading non-profit organization based in the US.

ISG Case Study Standouts—an evolution of the ISG Digital Case Study Awards program—recognize the best-in-class work of service providers in collaboration with enterprise clients. Companies worldwide submitted their case studies, which underwent validation by the client organization and ISG digital researchers, resulting in a selection based on a comprehensive analysis of the real-world effects of digital transformation on the client’s business and the distinctiveness of the provider’s solutions.

Adelphoi is a non-profit organization that provides outcome-based solutions for neglected, delinquent, abused, and other at-risk children and their families, combining treatment and mental health services. Cigniti’s case study recognition for Adelphoi is for its AI/ML decision-making predictive model that leveraged historical data to recommend the most suitable treatment program for each child, enhancing overall care and minimizing the percentage of ‘return to care.’

“The accelerated adoption of digital technologies and business models was strongly evident in the case studies we received this year,” said Paul Reynolds, ISG partner and chief research officer. “The Cigniti Technologies case study with Adelphoi is a standout example of how AI/ML can be a differentiator to accelerate product development and attain first-mover advantage in a new and unexplored market.”

Commenting on this recognition, Srikanth ChakkilamCEO of Cigniti Technologies, stated, “We are happy to receive the ISG Case Study Standout award for Cigniti’s expertise in operationalizing data to build a reliable and validated model for Adelphoi. This case study is a classic example of leveraging Technology for Good. AI/ML is experiencing an unprecedented boom, transforming how businesses operate, and this recognition underscores Cigniti’s position as the frontrunner in harnessing the power of AI/ML for tangible, real-world results. At Cigniti, we offer transformative solutions that bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and real-world impact. This accolade reflects Cigniti’s unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in leveraging technology for positive change to all our global clients.”

Mark Mortimer, COO of Adelphoi, commented, “We are thrilled to have collaborated with Cigniti Technologies on this ground-breaking project. Their dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence have culminated in a transformative predictive analytics software model. This software will reduce treatment time and improve outcomes for countless youth in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.”