Komal Rani’ continues to play for ‘Teresarian Sports Academy’ for last three years


This girl Rani staying in the hills of Titwala poor has been made an. football referee been finance by us giving her the chance to earn for herself and her dad has been given joy in a company by our trust.

Komal Rani & Coach Thobias Thomas

We put her for ‘Coaching the football students. She said that referring is the best thing that has happened to her family.

Komal Rani, a very good talented girl from mountain area of Titwala, a poor girl from Titwala.

She used to study in St Paul school Titwala. After the school she used to sell vegetables on the road side.

Coach saw her and asked her if she was interested in sportsShe indicated her interest they brought her into the game.

Complete set of kits were given to her by our trust.I had a talk with her family about her game development

They agreed and she represented ‘Teresarian Sports Academy in Palghar Football League.

She has been playing for club for last three years.She also represented the Palghar district

For her earning we made her to join referees training. All dues for her traveling and fees was taken care by us.

She told me ‘Sir ‘my dad is jobless. We don’t have money & immediately the next day her dad was given job and till today he his working.

Komal Rani is earning money and very happy with her regular income.

We have arranged football matches for the school to search the talent of the girls and boys on 27th March 2024

We have our Titwala and Ulhasnagar Teresàrian Football Team in good trainning going on

Courtesy : In Conversation with Komal Rani & Coach Thobias Thomas at Palghar, Maharashtra