Kinetic Green’s iconic Luna poised to return as E-Luna, bookings open on January 26, 2024


Kinetic Green, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in India, is set to launch the highly anticipated and iconic Luna, in a brand-new electric avatar as the E-Luna, a multi-utility e2W, in early February 2024. The company has officially announced that bookings will be opened for the most awaited EV to commence on January 26, 2024.

Bringing the nostalgic spark of thrill to the road, Kinetic Green joyfully extends the golden opportunity for enthusiasts to lock in their E-Luna bookings. The smart, robust, and heavy-duty E-Luna can be pre-booked on the Kinetic Green website for just Rs. 500. This nominal amount ensures a vast audience can actively engage in the electric revolution, ensuring that sustainable transportation options are within reach for diverse consumers.

Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Founder and CEO of Kinetic Green, expressed her excitement over reintroducing the legendary Luna in a brand-new electric avatar, “We are delighted to announce that the iconic Luna is making a comeback in a brand-new electric avatar. Today, Kinetic Green embarks on a journey down memory lane. The E-Luna is set to be launched in early February 2024, with bookings opening on Republic Day, January 26, 2024. We chose this day to present E-Luna to the citizens of India, as E-Luna is not only fully ‘Made in India’ but also “Made for India”!  E-Luna is designed as a sturdy and durable EV, with the road conditions and driving requirements of consumers not only in metro and Tier 1 towns but for the tier-2, tier-3 cities and rural markets of India. It is designed to provide an efficient alternative to traditional petrol two-wheelers while addressing the evolving preferences of modern consumers. With impressive technical specifications, performance capabilities, a robust set of features, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, the E-Luna will distinguish itself as a versatile and practical choice for consumers in the new Bharat. We are excited to tell the consumers that it is once again time to say, Chal Meri Luna, iss baar Petrol ke Bina!”

The E-Luna stands out in the electric vehicle market as a unique segment with unparalleled versatility. It represents innovation as it is designed to cater to various functions, including personal commuting and small businesses. Its advanced electric technology and innovative features contribute to an eco-friendly and efficient riding experience.

With the launch of the E-Luna, Kinetic Green reaffirms its dedication to promoting sustainable mobility solutions. The vehicle addresses the growing demand for cleaner transportation alternatives, emphasising the company’s role in driving positive environmental change.