Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad Hosts Aaghaaz 2023 Freshers Party and Dandiya Evening


The Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad, hosted an unforgettable evening as they welcomed the newly admitted MBA students of the batch 2023-25 at the much-anticipated Aaghaaz 2023 Freshers Party and Dandiya Evening. 600 students of I year and II Year students participated in this event. Organized by the MBA students of the batch 2022-24, this spectacular event was a grand celebration filled with music, dance, poetry, and an enthralling ramp walk competition.

The Aaghaaz 2023 Freshers Party and Dandiya Evening was a night of excitement and camaraderie that marked the beginning of a new chapter for the budding managers of Jaipuria Institute of Management. Students, both new and returning, came together to create unforgettable memories and foster new friendships.

The event featured a wide array of activities that catered to the diverse interests of the students. From soulful singing performances to electrifying dance routines, thought-provoking poetry recitals, and even a lively Dandiya program, the talents of the MBA students of Jaipuria Institute of Management were on full display. The infectious energy in the air kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout the evening.

The Dandiya program was a particularly exhilarating part of the evening as students took to the dance floor, beautifully adorned in traditional attire, to showcase their enthusiasm and coordination in dancing to the dandiya theme. This added a cultural and vibrant dimension to the event, celebrating the rich diversity within the student community.

The highlight of the evening was the much-anticipated ramp walk competition. It was a contest that showcased not only style and charisma but also the confidence and grace of the participants. After several rounds of the ramp walk, the titles of Mr. Fresher and Ms. Fresher, Mr. Evening and Ms. Evening, and Mr. Handsome and Ms. Gorgeous were awarded to deserving winners. The competition was intense, and the winners truly exemplified the spirit and enthusiasm of the event.