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A4 Skoda Aftersales Service Cam-05

Skoda Auto India, in its endeavour to improve customer satisfaction, has launched its all-new Service CAM initiative. The Service CAM, a smartphone app-based tool allows Škoda Auto India customers to remotely approve service and repair jobs of their Škoda cars while it is in service.

Service CAM is an all-new digital tool that enables dealerships to send video documentation of the vehicle to customers. In case of unforeseen defects observed during repairing of the car, customers receive a personalised link via SMS or e-mail, which includes the video and cost calculations towards the repairs. Customers can decide from the comfort of their homes or office, whether they would like the work to be carried out or not. Service CAM makes back and forth calls redundant and provides complete transparency to customers.

Škoda Service CAM is currently active across the entire network of Škoda Auto India dealerships in the country. Customers can contact the nearest dealership for more details.