Madhukar Shetty’ the Creator of seafood fame ‘GAJALEE, Vile Parle attracts global attention and interest


Gajalee, synonymous with coastal delicacies is situated in the heart of Vile Parle. Over the years, the chain has expanded with the addition of three more restaurants at Parel, Juhu and Andheri West.

But my favourite has always been the one at Vile Parle. I have been to Gajalee a couple of times in the past few years.

The influence this restaurant has over its customers can be seen from the stretched queues with approximately 20-30 minutes waiting, especially on weekends!

But all your worries about the waiting time is put to rest  once you are seated and the food is served!The highlight of the restaurant is its coastal cuisine.

One can experience the delight of live seafood that is brought to your table for you to choose the size. They display the catch of crabs and tiger prawns before serving you.

From my recent visits to the place, here is what I dined: Their crab soup is delicious and a wonderful appetiser. The Butter Pepper Pomfret was excellent.

Nice tender flakes, nicely baked in butter, just enough hints of pepper and garlic, and slight charring of skins that add to the taste. If you like your Bombils perfectly crunchy,

Gajalee , Vile Parle is your best bet. The tandoori  crab is unbelievable  and is the peak of gastronomical ecstasy. The Green Chilli Crabs is an extraordinary dish (a must try). Other than the tandoor, the tangy prawn curry (with coconut base) goes well with both chapati and steamed rice.

There is a variety of fried fish too. The vegetarians need not worry, as the menu offers a wide range of veg dishes too.

Paneer Makhanwala and Vegetable Kolhapuri top my ranks since they are delicious and quite spicy to boot. Sol kadi, a kokum-flavoured, pink-coloured aperitif — a Mumbai staple — goes perfectly with your food plate here.

The service is efficient and friendly. The cordial staff ensures to dilute your long waits to get your table. 

What I like is that unlike most seafood/ coastal restaurants, these people are committed to make sure you have a good time.

Every time I go,  I try a new dish and I find it hard to find even a single thing that’s below outstanding! The fish are fresh, the cooking is clean, and the taste is mouthwatering. You have to just go get it!

One of the best places in the city to dine on seafood! Crab, bombil fry, pomfret tandoori, surmai fry, sol kadhi are just amazing..

Gajalee at Vileparle west is too good. Very excellent food and service by the staff. Very polite and hospitable.

We ordered Sol Kadi, Tandoori Tiger Prawns, Kombdi Wade, Ghavne, Ambolya, Basa Koshimbir, Crab in Green Chilli Sauce and Chicken Biryani. Drumrolls. The Crabs n Prawns won hands down. The chefs in there must know some sort of sorcery to be able to dish out such delicious, succulent prawns and crabs bursting with a myriad of flavours to tantalise our taste buds.

One thing I can tell you for sure, once you dine at Gajalee it will take you months n months to like anything else anywhere else coz believe you me the taste won’t leave your palate anytime soon.

For a spicy & delightful Indian seafood cuisine experience ,this is a good restaurant . The fresh ingredients cooked with the fresh catch makes a great taste. As well they have a decent collection of spirits.

We loved the food, fresh and just delicious. Although seafood seems to be the big deal here, my favourite dish was the paneer tikka masala – heaven on earth.

Hope to come again to Mumbai, and when I do, I am not going to miss this one.

The seafood and service at this restaurant was excellent. We were still full from breakfast but the quality of food served during lunch ensured a return of our appetites.

One dish not to be missed is their Bombil Fry which is fresh Bombay Duck (contrary to its name, it’s a type of fish) coated in masala and fried crispy. Rest of dishes we had which included pomfret, squid and chicken were equally as good.

The Bombay Duck was as tasty n crispy as always. The tiger prawn tandoori came with typical tandoori masala and not as informed by steward, i specifically asked for maharashtrian taste.

The fish mudadus was nice and one must try this fish. It’s a small fish size of mackeral. The maincourse of surmai koshimbir, chicken masala, spicy prawn with amboli, ghavan bhakri was yummy.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Madhukar Shetty – Creator & Owner at GAJALEE, Vile Parle, Mumbai along with few foodies who frequent the outlet at Vile parle East.