Amala Earth Awards: Honoring Brands that support sustainability in everyday living


As Earth Day approaches, Amala Earth marks its third year anniversary by unveiling The Amala Earth Awards 2024, a one of its kind digital Intellectual Property to honor different brands and individuals that advocate sustainable living. The Awards will set a new benchmark for the advocates of sustainability, by recognizing their efforts.

With a mission to raise awareness about a sustainable, conscious, and earth-friendly lifestyle, Amala Earth unites brands, founders, and the community in a collective effort towards a positive change. The brands are meticulously selected based on their butterfly score and overall business success, reflecting their commitment to sustainability.

The Amala Earth Awards 2024 will pay tribute to brands and individuals across the following categories:

  • The Changemakers & Innovators: Recognizing individuals and organizations making significant social, environmental, and global impacts and honoring woman-led artisan brands.
  • The Impactful Brands: Celebrating brands that exemplify responsible fashion, joyful home, conscious family, ethical beauty, mindful eating, and holistic wellness.
  • The Storytellers & Communicators: Acknowledging conscious activists, media professionals, digital artists, sustainability advocates, influencers, celebrities, designers, and content creators amplifying the message of sustainability.
  • The Sustainability Pioneers: Recognizing founders leading the charge in fostering sustainability across various sectors including fashion, home, family, beauty, nutrition, and wellness.

The Amala Earth Awards 2024 invites the public to engage by voting for their preferred brands via the Amala Earth app. A total of ten brands, two founder’s and eight storytellers will receive awards.