Wilhelmsen Ship Management announces major expansion plans for India


Wilhelmsen Ship Management, a global leader in third-party ship management is proud to announce its ambitious growth plans for India, a testament to its enduring commitment to the region dating back to 1975. From its modest beginnings, Wilhelmsen has grown to employ over 3000 active Indian seafarers, representing nearly 30% of its total seafarers’ pool and
120 shore-based employees.

Wilhelmsen is set to further grow the Indian seafarer headcount by an additional 15% and shore-based employees by another 25% by the end of next year. This strategic expansion is fueled by the growth of its fleet and the introduction of additional functions in India, reaffirming India’s position as a priority for the company.

The key functions performed from the India office include Marine Personnel, Maritime Training, Global Procurement, GSHEQ – Ship Security, Ship Inspection, Vessel Accounting Services and Planned Maintenance Systems.

“India is an important market for us producing some of our finest seafarers. The nation’s education standards produce competent seafarers that have contributed to our success in the gas tanker and car carrier segments. We aim to increase our headcount and establish India as a strategic hub to support our global operations and growth plans.” said Carl Schou, CEO & President, Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

Celebrating its Silver Jubilee, Wilhelmsen’s International Maritime Training Centre (IMTC) in Mumbai plays a crucial role in training Indian seafarers for the challenges of operating technologically advanced ships. With over 81,000 participants and 6,900 trade tests conducted, IMTC offers a variety of internationally certified courses, including DGS-approved courses. Today, IMTC launches it’s first interactive virtual reality training hub that aims to provide meaningful learning experiences that combines emotion and technology. This concept will be driven from India and will be replicated to all manning offices network worldwide. IMTC will be positioned to be a global training content provider producing quality training content and enhanced learning experience to all Wilhelmsen seafarers globally through e-learning platforms and virtual reality training hub.

Wilhelmsen is strategically preparing for the 2030 landscape, based on the projection that 70% of the world fleet will use conventional fuel, 20% LNG, and 10% alternative fuels. “Leveraging digital systems, we are implementing data-driven strategies and KPIs to reduce fuel consumption. Our investment in training equips crew members to take emission-conscious initiatives. Through a holistic approach integrating technology, data insights and skilled personnel, we are positioning our operations to support ship owners’ vision for a net zero emission future” added Carl Schou.