Ashok Agarwal was appointed as a Member of the Hindi Committee of the MoHA


Ashok Agarwal has been appointed as a distinguished Member of the Hindi committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs. The esteemed Hindi committee plays an important role in promoting the use and development of the Hindi language across various domains in the industry, aligning it with the Indian government’s commitment to fostering linguistic diversity and cultural heritage.

Mr. Agarwal will bring a wealth of his experience, and expertise to this important role to bring revolutionary changes in the system for the betterment. With a strong background in related fields, he has demonstrated a deep and enthusiastic commitment to the promotion and preservation of the Hindi language in an ecosystem. The appointment is a testament to the government’s commitment to promoting linguistic diversity and fostering a deeper connection with our cultural roots.

With happiness and joy, Mr. Ashok Agarwal stated “I am happy to be appointed as the Member of the Hindi Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs. I thank the honorable Home Minister Manniya Sri Amit Bhai Shah ji and Minister of State Home Affairs Sri Nisith Pramanik ji for their immense blessings and support. Today it is a very blessed day for me and my family as I feel great that in the auspicious month of January, when Shree Ram Lala is also about to come home after such a long wait, this moment is no less than a blessing for me.”

In his new role, Mr. Agarwal’s responsibilities are to actively contribute to the formulation of policies, strategies, and initiatives aimed at enhancing the usage of Hindi within the Ministry of Home Affairs. His role is crucial in ensuring that Hindi continues to thrive as a language of communication and administration, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of our nation.

 I am happy to take up this new role and will try my best to do justice to this position. I promise to fulfill my duties with sincerity. I am happy that the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India recognized a simple and common man like me and I am happy that MODI Sarkar is doing the best of their ability. I sincerely thank all the officers of the Hindi Committee of the Ministry of Home Affairs and all my fellow members for giving me this chance. With the blessing and support of my parents, beloved wife, and children, I shall commence the work of this appointment from today to the best of my abilities”, Mr Agarwal concluded.

Mr. Agarwal’s tenure as a Member of the Hindi Committee has started from 20th January, 2024 and looking forward to working collaboratively with the Ministry of Home Affairs to achieve the shared goal of nurturing and preserving the linguistic heritage of our great nation.