Anupam Rasayan India Forays in Japan with Wholly Owned Subsidiary “Anupam Japan GK”


Anupam Rasayan India Limited, one of the leading companies engaged in the custom synthesis and manufacturing of specialty chemicals, has announced a significant stride in its global footprint with the registration of a wholly-owned subsidiary in Tokyo, Japan. The new entity, “Anupam Japan GK,” solidifies the company’s commitment to expanding its operations internationally, especially in Japan which is one of its target markets.

From its humble beginnings in Japan, Anupam has experienced remarkable growth in the country, contributing approximately ~15% of its total revenue within just 3 to 4 years. This aligns with Anupam’s commitment to nurturing long-term relationships in Japan. Anupam Japan GK, mirrors the core expertise of Anupam Rasayan India Limited. It will trade various chemicals, including those for pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, personal care, polymers and batteries perfectly complementing Anupam Rasayan India’s main business line for synergistic market expansion.

“Our further expansion into the Japanese market is a testament to our commitment to global excellence. Japan holds immense strategic importance, and with Anupam Japan GK, we aim to not only contribute significantly to the Japanese chemical industry but also foster enduring partnerships. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are poised for robust growth and collaboration on the global stage.” CEO of Anupam Rasayan India Limited, Gopal Agrawal expressed.

The Japan entity is yet to commence its business operations under the registered name, reflecting a strategic move to tap into the vibrant Japanese market.