BGMI’s 2.9 update is live now featuring two 3D Ranveer Singh avatars


In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, KRAFTON India is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated update for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), featuring iconic Bollywood superstar Ranveer Singh. BGMI’s 2.9 Update introduces Ranveer Singh, the brand ambassador for the title, as a playable character, enabling BGMI users to immerse themselves in the charismatic aura of the star within the game.

Furthering KRAFTON India’s efforts to create localized content for the Indian gaming community, BGMI brings players an array of exciting features inspired by Ranveer Singh’s persona. The update introduces the Ranveer Singh discovery event, the Ranveer Singh crate and a Play and Win event, enabling players to win rewards that capture the essence of the star. This includes two playable 3D Ranveer Singh avatars – RS Dark Stealth and RS Swaggy Baba, bringing the actor’s unique charm to the virtual battlegrounds. The extensive collaboration also introduces emotes inspired by the actor’s popular dance moves and his voice pack among other exciting updates.

Below are the key highlights of the collaboration with superstar Ranveer Singh:

Ranveer Singh Special Crate

Apart from the two 3D Ranveer Singh avatars, the RS crate introduces emotes inspired by superstar Ranveer Singh’s dance moves – Swagster Groove emote, Swagster Tathad emote, Swagster Sway emote, Swagster Twirl emote as well as a special voice pack.

The RS Crate also includes items such as RS Swaggy Buggy, RS Fury -M249 upgradable gun skin, RS Dhamaka (grenade skin), RS Pan-cho (pan skin), along with other rewards like ornaments, space gifts. The RS crate can be opened by spending UC, the in-game currency, for drawing rewards. The price for 1 draw is 60 UC but the first draw of the day is available at 30 UC.

Ranveer Singh Discovery event

The RS Discovery event introduces a point-based system where players earn points by participating in Classic mode matches. The event spans 50 stages (player can collect 100 points to unlock next stage hence accumulating 5000 points by stage 50), offering various rewards such as ornaments, space gifts, parachute and more.

The RS Discovery event is live from December 1 to January 25, providing players with an extended period to participate and accumulate points.

Play and Win event

Players can complete various tasks and collect RS tokens which can be exchanged for permanent rewards in an Exchange centre in the game named “Play pure with Ranveer Singh”. The event includes tasks such as playing as Ranveer Singh, Pure Showdown, teaming up, Pure Speed, and daily logins.

The reward exchange options include the Lion Champion Set, Lion Champion Headgear, Thorned Rose – Crowbar, Neon Kiss Ornament, Classic Crate Coupon (5-time limit), and Supply Crate Coupon (10-time limit).

Speaking about the update, Sean Hyunil Sohn – CEO, KRAFTON India said. “We are thrilled to welcome Bollywood sensation superstar Ranveer Singh into the BGMI BATTLEGROUNDS and provide players with a truly immersive experience like never before. The introduction of Ranveer Singh’s essence in the game with this extensive collaboration, represents our commitment to localizing content for the Indian audience and creating moments that resonates culturally with our diverse player base. We look forward to the excitement and energy superstar Ranveer Singh brings to BGMI, promising our players an unforgettable journey.