Translab Launches Tantor Data Platform (TDP) to Empower Enterprise DataOps


Translab Technologies Pvt Ltd (Translab), a proven expert in the domain of “Good Data”, has announced the Tantor Data Platform to revolutionise how enterprises transform, utilise and manage enterprise data. Tantor’s data automation capability helps save banks 30 – 35 % of manual efforts.

Federal Bank, which has always aligned its IT innovation strategy with its business goals, selected Tantor Data Platform to churn its huge volume of enterprise data to gain meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.

The flagship product of Translab, Tantor is a comprehensive cloud-native data platform built for scalability, robustness, privacy, and security. This platform streamlines DataOps by unifying data silos and managing the data across its entire lifecycle.

TDP is a modular platform which enables organisations to select and implement the right features needed by them. Some of the modules are:

Tantor Data Integration for unifying data spread across various data sources.

Tantor Data Migration to migrate data from one database to another (SQL to SQL, SQL to NoSQL) using few clicks.

Tantor Data Lifecycle Manager for management of data throughout its lifecycle – from creation to disposal.

Tantor Entity Deduplication for application-aware deduplication of named entities.

With Tantor Data Platform, organisations are able to seamlessly create and consume Data as a Service (DaaS) for taking data-driven decisions.

Harbinder Singh, Chairman of Translab Technologies said, “We are excited to unveil the Tantor Data Platform, a significant step in our commitment to innovative data solutions. Tantor, representing strength and resilience, addresses the challenges of modern data operations by unifying data and fostering a robust DataOps culture. This launch marks our dedication to providing practical solutions for organisations navigating the complexities of data management.”