DAEWOO Launches Interactive Flat Panel with Zero Bonding and A+ Display


Redefining Immersive Learning and Presenting ExperiencesDAEWOO, a globally recognized Korean brand with a presence in 110 countries across various categories, unveils the DAEWOO Interactive Flat Panel designed to revolutionize collaboration and learning experiences in diverse settings such as classrooms, boardrooms, and training environments.

At the heart of this cutting-edge technology is a robust set of features catering to the evolving needs of modern users. The built-in Android ensures not only faster processing and better performance for any Android app but also emphasizes reliability, security, and safety, providing a seamless and dependable user experience. The ease of use is further underscored by the “plug and play” functionality, allowing users to harness powerful performance instantly.

Wireless Presentation capability stands out as a key feature, fostering increased audience interaction for enhanced engagement during learning sessions and presentations. Switching between operating systems becomes effortless, ensuring continuous connectivity. On-the-spot annotations take content engagement to the next level, making the learning process more interactive and experiential.

The DAEWOO Interactive Flat Panel’s commitment to delivering a perfect picture is evident in its anti-glare, anti-scratch, and anti-collision 4mm toughened glass top, providing users with a flawless and durable display. The option to record notes, share videos with built-in speakers, external mic, and amplifier enhances the versatility of this interactive flat panel, allowing users to recap later or share content seamlessly.

With support for up to 20 touch points, the DAEWOO Interactive Flat Panel ensures an immersive experience for all participants, promoting collaboration and interaction. The screen cast feature offers an ultimate screen-sharing experience, enabling real-time collaboration, file sharing, and video presentation directly from the screen.

You can do more than just educational activities with the DAEWOO Interactive Flat Panel – it’s not just for classrooms or boardrooms; it’s a versatile solution that caters to various needs. Whether you have kids at home or are in an office setting, this interactive flat panel serves multiple purposes. Instead of investing in separate gadgets, you can streamline your setup with an all-in-one IFP.

For young students, it’s a one-stop solution that supports both studying and entertainment. Imagine your kids studying on the same interactive flat panel where they can also enjoy watching TV. Eliminate the need for two separate devices – the DAEWOO TOUCHPANEL facilitates online classes seamlessly with the addition of a camera and microphone. It’s not just about individual learning; the IFP promotes collaborative group studies, enhancing the overall educational experience.

The versatility extends to office boardrooms as well. Highlighting its multiple usages, the IFP transforms into a TV, a large computer screen, and a hub for video calls. The special writing pen allows on-screen annotations, facilitating dynamic presentations. After a productive meeting, you can effortlessly mail all the work directly from the interactive flat panel. This all-in-one solution brings efficiency and convenience to both educational and professional settings, making it the ideal choice for those looking to simplify their tech setup.

The 4K Display Experience brings clarity and sharpness to visuals, enhancing visibility from wide angles with an optically bonded glass layer. Multi-touch responsiveness, supporting up to 20 touch points, encourages hands-on interaction, making it ideal for collaborative teamwork in both educational and professional settings.

Optional accessories like AIR CONNECT – BRIO EASYSHARE provide wireless collaboration tools, ensuring seamless connectivity without the need for additional software installation. The IFP STAND adds a portable dimension to presentations, facilitating easy movement and storage of devices and documents.

DAEWOO further expands its interactive panel offerings with the DAEWOO lite Touch Interactive Display, featuring 4K Ultra HD Resolution, Windows + Android compatibility, 4mm toughened glass, and 20 Points Touch. This variant incorporates innovative technologies such as Zero Bonding Technology and A+ Display Panel, providing a sleeker design, enhanced durability, and high-quality visuals.

Zero Bonding Technology, a groundbreaking innovation, eliminates the air gap between the touch sensor and the display glass. This not only results in a sleeker design but also enhances the panel’s durability. By eradicating the air gap, the technology minimizes the risk of dust, moisture, and other contaminants, ensuring a prolonged lifespan of the interactive panel. Users can expect a visually stunning and seamless appearance, coupled with a more precise and responsive touch experience.

Complementing this, the A+ Display Panel represents a pinnacle in display technology. This advanced feature guarantees high-quality visuals with exceptional clarity. Users can revel in the stunning detail and immersive visual experience, making it perfect for applications demanding precision, such as design and education. The A+ Display Panel elevates the DAEWOO TOUCHPANEL’s visual capabilities, setting a new standard for interactive displays.

As Mr. H S Bhatia, Managing Director of Kelwon Electronics & Appliances, DAEWOO’s esteemed licensee partner in India, aptly puts it, “DAEWOO’s Interactive Flat Panel revolutionizes the learning journey for students, teachers, and parents. It simplifies teaching, promotes smart learning, and offers engagement, improved learning, collaboration, customization, real-time feedback, and accessibility. Additionally, it transforms meetings by making presentations smart, enhancing collaboration, streamlining meetings, simplifying presentations, boosting productivity, facilitating remote work, and eliminating cable clutter.”

The DAEWOO TOUCHPANEL 4K UHD is not just a technological marvel; it’s a comprehensive solution, a catalyst for change, seamlessly blending innovation and practicality to elevate the way we collaborate, learn, and present in the dynamic landscapes of today’s digital world.