US-based Synup Announces the Acquisition of Clientjoy


Synup, a US-based leading provider of local listings, review management and social media marketing solutions, today announced the acquisition of Clientjoy, an all-in-one platform for freelancers and agencies. With the acquisition, Synup aims to expand their business suite for agency and reseller clients.

Founded in 2020, Clientjoy has helped over 16,000 clients across 90 countries. A multi-functional platform for agencies and freelancers alike, the platform offers CRM capabilities, docu-signing, invoicing, appointment scheduling, email cadences, client-portal and more. With Clientjoy, agencies can manage their entire client life-cycle on one platform.

“We’re thrilled to announce our first major acquisition,” said Ashwin Ramesh, founder and CEO of Synup. “This acquisition isn’t just about growth; it’s about expanding our capabilities and delivering value to our partners.”

The Synup platform has been well-loved by agencies since its inception in 2014. An essential tool for multi-location management, the platform is renowned for its listings management, reputation management, store locator, and social media management capabilities.

The acquisition heralds the company’s dedication to its agency and reseller clients. In building out its agency business suite, the platform reasserts itself as an essential component of the agency toolkit.

“We’re excited to be joining the Synup team,” stated Yash Shah, co-founder and CEO of Clientjoy. “We started Clientjoy with the vision of making life easier for agencies with a streamlined platform, and Synup shares that same crucial vision.”

The collaboration marks a new frontier for B2B SaaS companies. While being an all-in-one solution is a common phrase thrown around in the industry, Synup is taking the steps to embody that ideal.

“We’re redefining industry standards with this addition,” stated Ramesh. “We’ll be integrating Clientjoy’s features into our existing offering throughout Q1, and I’m thrilled to announce all of the exciting changes to come.”

Clientjoy is looking forward to the collaboration opportunities, too. With key members joining the Synup team, including co-founder and CPO Anupama Panchal, the offerings only stand to improve.

About the acquisition, Clientjoy co-founder and CPO Anupama Panchal said: “We dedicated a significant amount of time managing an agency and engaging with Clientjoy’s agency customers. Throughout our journey, we pinpointed various challenges and opportunities in the market that could be addressed through technological solutions. As we delved into the prospect of collaborating with Synup, it became evident that both parties shared a common goal of ensuring agency customers’ success. We are excited to be a part of the Synup family and look forward to contributing to the development of a brighter future for agencies.”

Besides the acquisition and joining of the two companies’ teams, they’re making no immediate announcements about the enhanced offerings. Following the announcement and joining of the two platforms, they’re planning to roll out more capabilities for all of their clients.