Mia by Tanishq reveals the “For the Star in You” campaign: Created by Famous Innovations


Mia by Tanishq is excited to announce the unveiling of their new campaign, titled “For the Star in You,” which was conceptualized and created with Famous Innovations, Bangalore. Alongside this, they are introducing the Starburst Collection for the upcoming festive season.

Through extensive research, Mia by Tanishq has uncovered a pivotal insight that resonates deeply with its target audience.  Many individuals often find themselves hesitating in crucial moments, and Mia has consistently been there to provide that much-needed boost of self-assurance. The core idea behind the “For the Star in You” campaign is to remind consumers that each person is composed of the same elements as the stars that adorn the night sky, quite literally stardust. This universal connection symbolizes the limitless potential within every individual.

Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head of Mia by Tanishq, expressed her excitement about the campaign, stating, “It is a delight to experience the cultural shift led by the Gen-Z, today’s youth, that fosters collaboration over harbouring competition. Women today are empowering and uplifting each other to be their best version. This sisterhood served as the inspiration for Mia’s festive campaign “For the Star in You”, introducing Rakul Preet Singh, whose unapologetic confidence and versatile personality reflect the core ethos of a Mia woman, while the ease and humility with which she carries her fame makes her the right fit for the campaign.

Melvin Jacob, Creative Head at Famous Innovations Bangalore, the agency behind the campaign, shared his thoughts, saying, “When we planned the use of a celebrity, we aimed to showcase a relatable star. The fact is, everyone shines, everyone experiences moments of doubt, and everyone needs a lift from time to time. Recognizing and appreciating someone else’s shine doesn’t diminish your own; it amplifies it.”

The campaign will be a multi-channel extravaganza, with activations across both online and offline platforms. The main film for the campaign features Rakul Preet Singh. The script for the film unfolds on a festive film set, where Rakul Preet is dressed in modern festive attire. After completing her final take, she approaches the monitor, where a young lady hesitates to approach her. Inner thoughts race through the young lady’s mind as she contemplates asking for a selfie with the star. However, her thoughts are interrupted when the light catches her Mia necklace, which Rakul Preet notices and compliments. This interaction leads to a heartwarming conversation, where Rakul Preet recognizes the young lady as the writer of a popular show and expresses her admiration for her work. The encounter transforms the hesitant girl into a beautifully confident young lady, and they share a delightful moment that culminates in a photo together.

The “For the Star in You” campaign is set to inspire and uplift individuals, encouraging them to embrace their inner radiance. With the launch of the Starburst Collection for Festive 2023, Mia by Tanishq invites everyone to celebrate their uniqueness and shine brighter than ever before.