VR Chennai’s Spectacular Lineup of Marghazi Utsav, Pongal Festivities, and Republic Day celebrations”


VR Chennai is thrilled to announce a series of vibrant and culturally rich celebrations throughout the month of January. In line with its commitment to ‘Connecting Communities©’ VR Chennai will host a cultural showcase weaving together the threads of tradition, festivity, and national pride.

Commencing the festive month, VR Chennai has curated an array of events to commemorate Margazhi Masam. In the spirit of this auspicious period, an enchanting cultural spectacle has been designed to pay homage to the rich heritage and artistry of Tamil Nadu. On January 13, VR Chennai will host a mesmerising classical and semi-classical dance performance by renowned Carnatic dancer Biju and a special dance presentation by actor Iniya. The Margazhi Masam festivities will conclude with a Veena performance by maestro Rajesh Vaithya on January 14.

To celebrate the harvest season on January 16 & 17, VR Chennai will host a vibrant Pongal celebration. This exuberant event aims to unite the community in a cultural extravaganza featuring a medley of traditional performances such as:

·         Karagattam, a traditional folk art.

·         Oyilattam, a lively and colourful dance form that involves rhythmic steps and spins.

·         Mayilattam, the peacock dance known for its graceful and intricate movements.

·         Thappaattam, involving the use of wooden sticks to create a captivating visual and auditory spectacle performed by a dynamic group of six members.

·         Silambattam, a traditional martial art form that combines agility, skill, and coordination; and

·         Poikkal Kuthirai accompanied by melodies of the instrument of Nadaswaram, the traditional folk dance that involves intricately decorated horse effigies.

Marking the culmination of the celebrations is the Republic Day, a day to honour the spirit of unity and patriotism. VR Chennai is proud to announce an exclusive performance on 26January by an all-woman bagpipe band, formed by the Greater Chennai Police. The talented musicians will demonstrate their musical prowess adding their unique touch to the festivities.

At VR we believe in ‘Connecting Communities©’ and mirroring the local heritage. VR Chennai takes pride in actively curating programs that magnify the significance of local traditions and cultural facets unique to Tamil Nadu. Our goal is to create immersive experiences that foster a profound connection with the diverse heritage of the state.

Alongside the ongoing festivities, VR Chennai is currently hosting the ‘Mad Mad Sale’ until January 31, 2024. Extraordinary deals, exclusive offers, and discounts of up to 50% are anticipated from a selection of top-notch local, national, and international brands throughout this month.

These activities are open to everyone, inviting residents and visitors to come together and revel in the spirit of togetherness. Come and experience the richness of India’s cultural heritage for a new month and fill the new year with unforgettable experiences.