Telling you the Indian story so that you can narrate the tales to your friends, families, and future generations


It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So, just as your OTT platforms refresh your memory when they return with a new season — let us recap the journey of The Indian Trumpet for you. In the summer of 2013, this quarterly digital magazine that captures India’s colour, culture, and chaos — that the Indian expats crave and miss — came alive.

Soon, many joined hands to build a community, and not just the magazine. This winter (November 2023), the magazine is back after a nap with The Pani Puri Edition, which is a blend of observations and anecdotes featuring places and people from Dubai and beyond. From then until now, The Indian Trumpet celebrated the quirks of being an Indian — from the chai to pickles, the middle-class habits to childhood games, and more.

The magazine also took a moment to get angry when it felt the country had wronged its people. “Yes, we’re back (in the times) when many magazines run by large publishing groups have shut shop.

We’re here to tell you the Indian story and hope you can narrate the tales to your friends, families, and future generations,” said Purva Grover, founder-editor of The Indian Trumpet.

Why are we doing this? Strangely enough, that question doesn’t bother any of the Trumpet Blowers.

Other than being supported by many equally insane individuals, we still haven’t lost faith in the power of storytelling and journalism as we once knew it.

The ‘now’stalgic team at The Indian Trumpet includes names such as Michael Gomes as Features Head, a seasoned journalist who was earlier with a UAE national paper; features writers such as Samina Amoji, from Muscat and Vishal Bheero from Mauritius. Dolly Goel, a senior designer with experience across publishing platforms, has joined as the Art Director.

Various contributors from across the globe also add to the content’s richness. “We’re waking up in a different world — where reading magazines is getting labelled as an archaic activity; stories have a shelf life of 24 hours, and content for consumption is more than what we can handle and available across more mediums than one can imagine.

Yet, we’ve decided to blow the Trumpet louder,” shared Team Trumpet Blowers. The magazine was put on hold in November 2017 as the team nurtured stories in other formats on the portal. Just as in its previous avatar, it is now once again available complementary for its readers on the portal,, where both the flip-through PDF version of the magazine and the online versions of the stories can be browsed through