IILM University’s Literature Festival : Celebrating Identity Narratives and Diversity in Contemporary Literature


IILM University, Greater Noida, one of the prominent educational institutions in the country, is delighted to announce its upcoming Literature Festival, scheduled to take place on the 8th and 9th of February 2024 at the university campus.

Themed “Identity Narratives: Exploring Diversity in Contemporary Literature,” the festival promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking event. Participants and attendees can anticipate a host of captivating activities that celebrate the diverse identities in literature.

”The Literature festival will serve as a dynamic platform for blending ideas and exploring new perspectives. The event is a testament to IILM University’s legacy of bringing together diverse personalities, including renowned writers, artists, readers, and thinkers, to engage in meaningful discussions and push the boundaries of literary exploration,” said Somya Sharma (Assistant Professor- Journalism and Media Studies)

Some of the key highlights of the literature festival include:

Competitions and Performances in Art and Culture

The literature festival will feature a ‘Colourful Canvas Challenge’ based around the theme “Fluid Perspective and Identities.” This artistic challenge will witness the participants expressing their interpretations via painting. Furthermore, a cash prize of INR 10,000 will await the most enchanting creation.

Another competition and exhibition on Book Cover design will take place in the festival which will allow the participants to unleash their creativity and showcase their talent. Furthermore, It will furnish the opportunity to feature the designs in an exclusive exhibition.

Also, another key festival highlight will be the captivating cultural performances showcasing the diversity of artistic expression.

Literary Panel Discussion

There will be a panel discussion on the theme of the festival. The esteemed panelists will be Mr Sharif D  Rangnekar (Author and Director- of Rainbow Literature Festival), Dr. Rakshanda Jalil (Author and Translator), Mr. Nirmal Kanti Bhattacharjee (Author and Editorial Director of Niyogi Books), Ms. Rachana Yadav (Managing Director of Hans Magazine), and Mr Suhail Mathur (Author and Co-founder of The Book Bakers). The discussion will nurture a comprehensive understanding of the diverse voices present in the literary world.

Book Reading Session

An enlightening book reading session with Dr. Nandini Sen, an accomplished author will also take place that will help to gain insights into her literary work and engage in a captivating discussion about her book “The Second Wife & Other Stories”

Author and Artist Spotlight

The exclusive Author Spotlight will deliver a unique opportunity to gain insight into the world of the accomplished author and academician Dr. Devapriya Roy.

The Artist Spotlight session will celebrate the beautiful synergy between literature and music with Ms. Vidya Shah, a talented musician and singer.

The festival, spanning over two days, will leave a lasting impression on attendees through moments of inspiration, dialogue, and artistic brilliance.