With the vision ‘Signs of Tomorrow’, it serves over 500 premier brands through its network of seven offices


Signpost India Limited, a leading adtech enterprise in India, is pleased to announce the successful acquisition of a premier multi-storey commercial property near Mumbai International Airport. This significant deal, valued at 54 crore INR and finalized today, signifies a significant advancement for the company.

The newly acquired property, a distinguished commercial building, boasts a municipal built-up area of 15000 sq ft apart from the service features . Its strategic location on Nehru Road, near Santacruz Airport, ensures exceptional connectivity, making it an invaluable addition to Signpost India Limited’s solution portfolio. This acquisition seamlessly aligns with the company’s forward-looking vision of “SIGNs of Tomorrow” and serves as a centralized hub for all divisions.

Mr. Shripad Ashtekar, Chairman and Managing Director of Signpost India Limited, expressed his enthusiasm for the acquisition, emphasizing, “The Signpost House underscores our strategic initiative to strengthen our infrastructure and deliver innovative advertising solutions. This prime commercial property not only enhances our operational capabilities but also expands our service offerings, reinforcing our presence in the media and advertising sector. Moreover, it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our stakeholders, including investors and talent.”

Signpost India Limited, India’s leading integrated media and advertising enterprise, is an independent, ISO-certified media enterprise with vast experience in implementing large-scale public-oriented projects, including street furniture, transit, public bicycle sharing, and internet traffic monitoring systems with over 32 government authorities across the country.

With the vision ‘Signs of Tomorrow’, it serves over 500 premier brands through its network of seven offices. It has earned global recognition for its pioneering role in innovative and sustainable advertising solutions, with 150+ awards including ABBYS, EMVIES, KYOORIUS, Dragon of Asia, and Global Digital Signage Awards. The merger with Pressman Advertising Ltd., an independent full-service advertising agency, will enable it to offer an expanded suite of solutions in advertising, digital marketing, and public relations, in addition to their core urban infrastructure projects in DOOH.