Time to Play Pure with Powerhouse Ranveer Singh in BGMI


Gaming has evolved beyond mere entertainment; it is a vibrant community. BGMI offers an immersive experience as Ranveer Singh returns to the Battlegrounds with style and swag! Prepare to elevate your game as the powerhouse takes center stage in BGMI. It is time to play pure!  

Every gamer needs the right look for the lobby in BGMI, and the ‘Ranveer Swag Crate’ has you covered! Enhance your experience with exclusive gear designed to make you stand out in the Battlegrounds. Unlock the all-new Ranveer Singh special skins and finish your enemies with style!  

Unleash your inner IGL with the RS special voice pack, featuring Ranveer Singh’s dialogues! Rank push with your squad, have fun with friends, and rush for that chicken dinner! Bring on the swag with the RS helmet, backpack, parachute and stun your enemies with the grenade skin. 

Use UC’s to open the crate & get epic rewards at milestone spins. Do not miss this final opportunity to bring the charisma and style of the powerhouse to your BGMI gameplay. Grab the Crate today and dominate the battlegrounds.