Signify launches NatureConnect lighting at India Light Festival 2024


Signify the world leader in lighting, today announced the launch of NatureConnect; an industry-first revolutionary product, designed to enhance well-being by bringing the benefits of natural light indoors. Inspired by biophilic design principles, NatureConnect mimics the natural rhythm of sunlight, promoting a healthier circadian rhythm, improved mood, enhanced focus, and better sleep quality.

NatureConnect – The Lighting Inspired by Nature

Research indicates that people spend 90% of their overall time indoors, emphasizing the importance of creating healthy indoor environments. NatureConnect addresses this need by utilizing elements of nature in interior spaces to create healthy, engaging, and inspiring environments with a proven biophilic design principle. Recognizing the profound impact of light on our physical and mental well-being. Nature Connect’s groundbreaking technology emulates the dynamic variations of sunlight throughout the day, helping to balance the body’s circadian rhythm and improve overall health, energy levels, mood, productivity, quality of sleep and overall well-being.

Commenting on the launch Sumit Joshi, CEO & MD – Signify, Greater India said, “We are proud to bring this industry-first innovation for our customers across India, NatureConnect is tailor-made to bring natural light indoors. Its revolutionary lighting system, developed through extensive research recreates the positive effects of natural light indoors, for professional spaces, hospitality, and the healthcare industry in India. By utilizing energy-efficient LEDs and smart controls, NatureConnect seamlessly adjusts to the changing light patterns throughout the day, enhancing overall well-being and improving productivity. At Signify, we believe in creating products that not only meet but exceed our consumer’s expectations. And with this launch, we are confident that we will redefine the standards for indoor lighting.”

“Bringing in the right light and the right moment, NatureConnect offers the colors and dynamics of nature for a fully immersive experience, helping individuals reconnect with the constant cycles and variations of nature. With the increase in focus towards health and well-being, we are sure that NatureConnect will play a major role in driving productivity gains and transforming lighting experiences, across industries.“ said Girish K Chawla, Head of Professional Business – Signify, Greater India.