Prestige Group extends a helping hand to Blind Schools and Orphanages on World Food Day


Prestige Group, a leading real estate developer in India, takes immense pride in announcing its steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact on World Food Day. In a heart-warming gesture, the company is extending assistance to blind schools, old age homes and orphanages across Bangalore. This unique initiative underscores Prestige Group’s unwavering dedication to social responsibility.

World Food Day, observed on October 16th, serves as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role that food plays in our lives. It highlights the critical importance of food security and hunger relief. In alignment with this, Prestige Group has united to raise awareness about food-related concerns and work towards eradicating hunger.

Prestige Group has generously contributed a substantial quantity of non-perishable food items to various organizations in Bangalore that cater to visually impaired and orphaned youngsters. This endeavour not only addresses immediate food needs but also underscores the significance of supporting underprivileged segments of our society.

Ms Uzma Irfan, Director, Corporate Communications, Prestige Group, stated on this occasion, “We believe that true success is measured not only in business achievements, but also in the positive impact we create in the lives of those in need. On World Food Day, we continue our commitment to making a genuine difference in our society by extending a helping hand to blind schools and orphanages. With compassion and action, we can improve the lives of others.”

Lt. Col. Milan Khurana (Retd), Executive Director of Human Resources at Prestige Group, expressed, “At Prestige Group, we are deeply committed to enriching lives beyond the realm of our business endeavors. On World Food Day, we extend our support to the needy. This aligns with our core values and we firmly believe that by collaborating, we can create a significant impact to brighten the future of these exceptional individuals.”

During the distribution event, Prestige Group employees personally delivered food supplies to the beneficiary institutions. It was a day brimming with compassion, joy, and the spirit of generosity, all of which epitomize the organization’s guiding principles.

Prestige Group urges other businesses and individuals to work together to make a difference in their areas on World Food Day. Small acts of kindness may have a big impact on those who are less privileged