Neel Chooksi’ Mumbai’s most popular astrologer, enters the mental health sector, with her new start-up 


Neel chooksi  Mumbai’s most popular astrologer, Now entering the mental health sector, with her new start-up She says astrology is science and needs to understand logically

Neel chooksi says she has been in this field for almost 25 years she has consulted thousands of clients with different  problems… but since the last five years, she found that in our country 

Mental health is completely ignored…And day by day, mental health problems Increasing.

To get married is being tough day by day, so lonlyness is a big challenge 

Jobs,loans,debt, loneliness, money crisis, Career, there are so many tough challenges  we fight with. In this tough time, no one is helping  or supporting  each other.

This the big issue  in now a days time  because in arban area no body cares even for family members  they only run behind money  in rural area still people helps each other.

Today Mental health is more important than anything.

Suppose a girl is going to the salon, she will tell everyone  that she is going to the salon with a smile … She will tell her friends for 2 days that she went to the salon and  got expensive treatment.

Going to the salon is normal ,if  there is any physical problem.

The person immediately goes to the doctor and gets himself treated….

But if you use a mental health doctor, if you have any mental illness, then it will be shameful 

Stress is still ok. People discuss openly , but depression or any serious mental health problem is treated like a crime in our country.

We seem to keep this person in the house and stop him from coming in front of others…that’s why the  members of the house do not try to treat him …and the problem  takes a very serious form..

Why did this happen 

Just because of people’s attitudes… people stare  look at the sick person with strange eyes… in such a way the family members do not have the courage to take the mentally ill person to the doctor and Get treated him  because the value of mental health is very low in our country…because people do not think that people with physical strength can reach higher heights of life through mental strength,…but a person suffering from mental weakness or disease, despite being physically strong. The last step can be taken like ending life…

Being an astrologer, many people come to me… who have some mental health related illnesses, and we see that their family’s attitude towards them is very disappointing… they feel ashamed of this person. ..and they want this person to go somewhere… or to die…  this is a very bitter truth.

To know that when her son will come back,.?  when I told them to do some remedy …at that time the grandmother was crying because she loved her son very much. But  the boys mother came  alone to me.

She further asked me to do something that he never came back… she was very troubled by her sons illness and felt ashamed of her son in the society… Because of his illness, in addition, she told me that

In some cases parents wants to get rid of their mentally ill child or they just don’t  make any effort….In one case, a 22 year old MBBS son who had bipolar disorder left house.After 3 days his mother come to me with her mother in law.Her  little son’s life is getting worse  because  elder sons’ mental illness 

So this is the condition of our country. Our thoughts on mental health.

After practising astrology for 25 years.. when we saw such a problem, we felt that people of our country need to wake up… so we thought of such a startup.. where mental health is given priority.. in this  application in which psychologists, mental healers, and councillors can join us, who will bring awareness among the people about mental health and will also help the people. Will treat them also…

So many women have come to us who have passed the age of 42, have children, are busy in their lives, and are busy in business.

Female  is absolutely free, and she is in that stage of age where she is on the changing of  hormonal disorder and menopause… She is in an emotional state and doesn’t know what to do? 

Here, we will do better by combining astrology and psychology… My educational background is also psychology, so I will find happiness in doing this, and I will be able to do it in a very simple way.

After seeing all the major issues, we decided to focus on mental health and do something  that is different, so we start our start-up. The name of our start-up is  *TALKING ANGEL* 

In this app, we will help people suffering from stress, anxiety, overthinking, depression, and other mental illnesses, console them, and cure them by ONBOARDING  councillors, psychotherapist, spiritual healers.

Once in a 3 months, there may be seminars at natural places to reduce stress, tree plantation cleaning activities , which really helps improve mental healthWe need your support in this work.Soon, our start-up will launch with big bugal.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Ms.Neel chooksi – Astrologer, Spiritual Healer, Palmist, Gemologist, Graphology, Numerologist & Vastu Consultant in Mumbai.