Guided by the vision of Suryakant Sarjoshi, Aaswad consistently endeavors to revive the forgotten Maharashtrian food culture


In 1968, a journey that began with a young man’s arrival in Mumbai from Konkan unfolded into a remarkable story.

Starting at Trupti Restaurant in Dadar, this individual’s dedication and hard work culminated in the establishment of ‘Aaswad Upahar and Mithaigriha’ in 1986, strategically located in the heart of Dadar at Shivaji Park.

The inauguration by Shri. Balasaheb Thackeray marked the beginning of a legacy.

During Aaswad’s early foray into hospitality, Mrs. Mangala Shrikrishna Sarjoshi played a pivotal role by introducing various homemade Diwali snacks, swiftly becoming customer favorites.

The fusion of dreams, consistency, hard work, determination, perseverance, patience, and honesty

propelled Aaswad into a renowned destination for Maharashtrian cuisine, a distinction it upholds with pride.

In 1999, the reins of Aaswad were passed on to the second generation, Mr. Suryakant Shrikrishna Sarjoshi. By 2006, he transformed the establishment into an air-conditioned Maharashtrian restaurant.

Aaswad boasts a diverse menu featuring authentic Marathi dishes such as Thalipeeth, Misal, Sabudana

Khichadi, Pola Usal, Kothimbirwadi, Aluvadi, Pithale Bhaji Bhakri, along with unique ice cream flavors like Puranpoli Ice Cream, Tilgul Ice Cream, and Naralibhat Ice Cream.

Despite the surge of Western culinary influences in India, Aaswad remained unwavering in preserving its Marathi identity. This commitment earned global

acclaim when the ‘Foodie Hub Award’ in London honored Aaswad’s ‘Misal’ in 2015, bringing international recognition to Maharashtra’s rich culinary heritage.

Guided by the vision of Suryakant Sarjoshi, Aaswad consistently introduces new activities while endeavoring to revive the forgotten Maharashtrian food culture.

Supported by Mrs. Smita Sarjoshi, the venture organizes various events like Sankrant Thali, Chaitra Thali, and Dhundurmas Festivals, aiming to pass on and promote Marathi food culture to future generations.

The ‘Aaswad Special – Dhundurmas’ during Dhanur mas has piqued curiosity not only among Maharashtrians but also among non-Maharashtrians over the last five years.

Visitors, including foreigners, are drawn to experience the cultural traditions, the importance of a sattvic diet, and the culinary heritage of Maharashtra, all explained in an open-minded and studious manner.

Dhundurmaas Thali has become a platform for people to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries at Aaswad.

Guests are welcomed with Aaswad’s special Pedha, enhancing their dining experience. Aaswad’s sweet shop, renowned for its Keshar Pedha and Puranpoli, has gained popularity in the US and UK.

Aaswad ‘Pangat’ offers fine dining for various events such as Vyahi Bhojan, Sakharpuda, Wedding Ceremony, Dohale Jevan, Shashtipuri, Reunion, and provides Outdoor Catering.

Since 1986, Aaswad has been synonymous with sattvik Maharashtrian food and outstanding customer service, catering to corporate, organizational, and government clients alike.

The saga of Aaswad continues to be a testament to the rich tapestry of Maharashtra’s culinary and cultural heritage.