Defense Derby Releases November Update, Introduces Three New Heroes


The update introduces three new heroes. First among them is Rake, a magic-type hero of the beast faction. Rake boosts the damage dealt by all allied units to common monsters. With the special ability called Chain of Hatred, she can seal two enemy units in combat, rendering them unable to deploy or attack for a specified duration. Players will be able to use Finesse, a hero of the spirit faction in December, and Lana, a hero of the human faction in January.

With the Great Voyage season, a new unit Pirate Monkey is introduced. The Pirate Monkey, a physical-type unit of the beast faction, possesses the special ability called Negotiate, which increases attack power per Derby Chip. Players can obtain the new unit, Pirate Monkey, through the updated Shop of Blessings, Lucky Draw, Featured Summon, and Step Up Pack. To commemorate the Pirate Monkey’s arrival, a special Derby Brawl, known as the Pirate Monkey Mirror Match, is now available. In this mode, all players begin with the same beast faction deck that features the Pirate Monkey. This mode will be up for play until November 14. In the coming months of December and January, the release of units of the spirit faction Moon Night and Fiery Imp, a unit of the human faction Blacksmith, and a unit of the beast faction Electric Monk is planned to unfold sequentially.

To celebrate the 100-day Anniversary of Defense Derby’s release, various enjoyable activities have been prepared. All players will receive three new legendary heroes as rewards. Rake will be available from November, while Finesse and Lana can be used starting from December and January, respectively. In addition, to commemorate the 100-day anniversary, a reward package consisting of 1,000 Gems, 1,000 Cubics, and a Cannon Master Emote will be granted. Diverse in-game events are also taking place. Until November 12, the Hot Time Event allows players to obtain 150 Crystals and 500 Gems when logging in at specific times. The 100-day Anniversary Check-in and Mission Event, running until December 6, offer rewards such as Legendary Unit Summon and a full set of Scarlet Castle Skin.

Meanwhile, Defense Derby has recently hinted at an extensive update through the Dev Notes. The new PvE mode tentatively named Crusade Mode, the monster dungeon PvE mode tentatively named Single Raid Mode, the new themed mode Mulligan System, and a new mission system tentatively named Bounty Hunter will be introduced sequentially. These updates aim to bring the inherent fun of the tower defense genre to players.