Medanta launches the first-of-its-kind ‘Pre-travel Health Check-up’ plans, ensuring safe travel


Medanta, with an aim to revolutionize pre-travel preparations and preventing serious health ailments during travel, proudly announces the launch of its pioneering initiative, the ‘Pre-Travel Health Check-up’. The service is designed to ensure the health and safety of individuals embarking on journeys, guiding them to take necessary steps to stay safe and healthy throughout their trip. The service has been designed by a team of doctors including Dr Sanjay Mittal, Vice Chairman – Clinical Preventive Cardiology & Research Dr Arun Garg, Chairman, Neurology (Stroke) and Dr Sunil Dubey General Manager – Emergency & Trauma Care.

With the rising incidents of serious health issues during travel, it’s crucial to address the unanticipated physical strain and asymptomatic conditions that travelers often face. Many travelers do not foresee the demanding tasks such as long walks and heavy luggage handling at airports, which can exacerbate hidden health issues. A pre-travel health check-up provides people an understanding of their endurance levels, medical issues, and what steps they should take to maintain the same while travelling. The pre-travel health checkups at Medanta offer three distinct packages tailored to different age groups and travel purposes.

Name of the package: Pre- Travel health Check up – Basic    

Who should opt?: Regular holiday-goers to understand their current health status and plan their vacation accordingly            

Timing of the health check up: 2 weeks before travel dates        

Offerings: Comprehensive screening for overall well-being, inclusive of over 83 parameters, including renal function, liver function, lipid profile, ECG, and urine analysis

Name of the package: Pre- Travel health Check Advance >50 years

Who should opt?: People above 50 who are traveling internationally and intend to stay for a longer duration with their family. This could be helpful to investigate any asymptomatic underlying heart and brain conditions that may precipitate suddenly without any alarming signs          

Timing of the health check up: 3 weeks before travel dates        

Offerings: Comprehensive screening for-Cardio-cerebro-vascular conditions to detect potential heart and brain findings, with over 81 parameters including advance investigations like CT coronary angiography and CT Head and neck

Name of the package: Pre- Travel health Check Advance <50 years

Who should opt?: People below 50 years who are planning to engage in adventure sports like mountaineering, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc., can benefit from this health check to assess physical fitness and mental agility for these activities          

Timing of the health check up: 3 weeks before travel dates        

Offerings: Detailed cardio-pulmonary and musculoskeletal screening, with of 92 parameters including Cardio-Pulmonary exercise testing and comprehensive Musculoskeletal assessment

During the checkup, doctors at Medanta assess the individual’s health to determine their well-being offer advice on potential health risks and provide guidance on necessary immunizations needed before travel.

Dr. Naresh Trehan, CMD of Medanta, said, “Pre-travel health check-ups play a critical role in predicting asymptomatic underlying conditions and stemming disease transmission. By adhering to these check-ups and safe travel practices, individuals can significantly mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks and medical emergencies during their journeys, along with reducing the expenditure and complications associated with medical coverage and transfers when travelling internationally.”

He further added, “Additionally, there is an urgent need to prioritize preventive health measures to alleviate the burden of many lifestyle diseases in India which can be readily prevented through targeted interventions, thus making a significant contribution to India’s healthcare landscape. It is every individual’s responsibility to prioritize their health and contribute to disease prevention efforts. At Medanta, we often receive requests for repatriation of family members who fell ill during their stay, mostly due to conditions that could have been prevented with pre-travel diagnosis. With the introduction of this service, Medanta aims to strengthen its commitment to disease prevention, personalized management, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, thereby ensuring a healthier future for all.”

A pre-travel checkup is a medical examination that is performed when an individual is about to leave for a trip. While for some individuals it may serve as an optional precautionary measure, in certain circumstances, such as for senior citizens or those engaging in adventurous trips, it becomes imperative to obtain a health certificate as part of travel requirements. Moreover, these checkups are essential for avoiding unforeseen expenses as Indian insurance and Mediclaim are often not recognized internationally, and travel health insurance offers limited coverage, leaving many procedures uncovered. Furthermore, private healthcare in foreign countries can also be exorbitantly expensive, making pre-travel checkups a prudent investment.

The package can be easily booked by calling on 0124-6548833 and should be scheduled 2-3 weeks before the travel dates. The service is available at all 4 DNCR locations – Medanta – The Medicity, Mediclinics – Defence Colony, Subhash Chowk, Cyber City, however the advance package is only available at Medanta Hospital.