Manah Wellness Unveils New Brand Identity Celebrating Champions of Wellbeing


Manah Wellness, a leading organization offering employee mental wellbeing services, today announced the launch of its new brand identity. This significant change reflects the company’s emergence as an organization that is redefining the employee mental wellbeing space through path-breaking approaches and innovative frameworks.

“For far too long, workplace wellbeing has focused on individual employees. At our workplaces, we can’t nurture a mental wellbeing culture unless we all are in it, together. Our new identity is about togetherness, the key to achieving our goals of employee mental wellbeing. This foundation to our work sets us apart from the rest in the workplace mental wellbeing space.

“Our strength is our community. And within these communities, we have champions that embody, celebrate and support us in our wellbeing journeys. Manah’s new identity is a celebration of champions of wellbeing, worldwide,” said Manah Wellness co-founder and CEO Dr Ashwin Naik.  

Fittingly, Manah calls its new visual identity ‘the champ’.“Our focus on community building and supporting champions of wellbeing has led to industry-leading impact across Maritime, Aviation, Banking Financial Services and Social Impact sectors across six countries. Our new visual identity reflects our beliefs and the approaches we have taken to build success stories for our customers,” Added Manah Wellness co-founder and COO Ritika Arora.

“Manah’s new visual identity is a testament of our commitment to our customers. Acknowledging the trust they place in us, we will continue to act in an agile manner, going the extra mile for the mental wellbeing needs of their employees,” said Manah Wellness Chief Marketing Officer Manoj Chandran. “The unique logo not only demonstrates the inclusion of everyone at the workplace but is also a reaffirmation of our mission to affect fundamental shifts in the global workplace mental wellbeing.”