Suniel Shetty looks for his “Sbooch” in the latest teaser – Get ready for a thrilling mystery!


Suniel Shetty’s latest teaser has left fans baffled and curious.

What is ‘Sbooch’ and why is it so precious to the megastar? Watch as he searches for his missing treasure in this gripping teaser. The suspense is building… #Sbooch #SunielShetty #MysteryUnfolds”

Suniel Shetty looks for his “Sbooch” in the latest teaser.

Megastar and fitness icon Suniel Shetty has left fans in a state of anticipation and wonder as he released a teaser showcasing the search for his missing “Sbooch.

”No less than a mystery movie, this video has everyone at the edge of their seats. 

The one-minute teaser, released by the veteran actor on his social media channel, shows him requesting his assistant to vigilantly guard his “Sbooch” as he leaves for his shot.

But Alas and behold! He returns to find his “Sbooch” missing, with his crew remaining silent as he questions them incessantly.

The intriguing video has led to speculations about what is causing this upheaval on Suniel Shetty’s set and who has stolen his “Sbooch”. Stay tuned as the search continues!