Inside Thryve’s Vibrant Workplace Culture with CHRO, Shrinivas Ayyagari


In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, the role of Human Resources (HR) has evolved far beyond traditional administrative functions. Modern HR practices are at the heart of cultivating a positive, productive, and inclusive workplace environment. As organizations strive to attract and retain top talent, they recognize that creating an encouraging and supportive environment is not just a corporate responsibility but a strategic imperative.  

As Thryve Digital Health LLP continues to grow, we wanted to highlight how the company is not onlyembracing these fresh perspectives as a corporate priority but also weaving them into the fabric of its employee-centric initiatives. With tech giants like Google and Apple making significant investments in renewable energy projects, Thryve Digital is focused on a holistic approach by integrating networking, wellness, sustainability, and inclusivity into employee engagement, career development, and well-being initiatives. 

Some of the initiatives undertaken by Thryve:

  • ThryvHers: This all-women program, run by women associates at Thryve, aims to foster a culture where women can work, develop, grow, and achieve their professional and personal goals. With a focus on both professional and personal well-being, the ThryvHers Promise includes Higher Support for Higher Growth (#HSHG) and Healthy Mind and Healthy Body (#HMHB).
  • ClubLyfe@Thryve: This initiative combines nine clubs (music, dance, literary, drama, quiz, comedy, fun festivals, photography, and sports) that encourage employees to share their hobbies and interests. This program brings energy to the organization, culminating in the annual event “Thryvified.”
  • Lil Thryvian: An initiative for new parents at Thryve, where they receive special bags for their little ones.
  • Thryvia: A friendly robot at work that interacts with employees to gauge their feelings when they start their job and as they continue working.
  • BAU Connect & Communicate: A platform for one-on-one interactions among employees.
  • R&R Framework: Aligned to the pillars of customer focus, innovation, and collaboration, this framework processes rewards points via “TREAT” (Thryve Rewards & Excellence Appreciation Tool), which can be redeemed for high-value vouchers and experiences.
  • Thryve Care: Under this umbrella, multiple wellness programs are offered, including one of the industry’s best group health covers. This includes medical insurance coverage for up to seven family members, critical ailments coverage, term life and personal accident insurance coverage, infertility treatment coverage, well-baby care expenses, ambulance charges, and pre- and post-hospitalization expenses. Coverage continues for employees and their dependents even after retirement until the policy expires.
  • Thryve Digital Health Certification: This program enables associates to build a strong career in the healthcare domain, with 97 percent of Thryve associates being product/platform certified.

It would be great if you would consider having a conversation with, Shrinivas Ayyagari, CHRO, Thryve Digital Health LLP around Thryve’s HR initiatives or take his input for any relevant story you might be planning.