Quick Restoration of facilities (lifts and parking) at East Kidwai Nagar after the torrential rainfall


NBCC, which executed the redevelopment of East Kidwai Nagar area and is, also maintaining it, acknowledges difficulties faced by the residents owing to the heavy downpour on Friday which has been the case for a lot of areas of Delhi, especially South Delhi. The overflowed water through Barapullah (drain) entered the parking areas of the colony through the ramp which was designed only for vehicular traffic. The NBCC maintenance team has successfully de-watered the underground parking areas and have made all lifts functional. The team has continuously worked day and night to ensure the facilities and amenities are restored for the residents and occupants to use. NBCC dewatered approximately 16 Crore litres of water spread across 40 acres, which was done on war footing so that the normal facilities could be restored. This was done by in record 24 hours by specially purchasing and putting to use the dewatering motors on urgent basis. NBCC ensured uninterrupted water and electricity supply during the downpour and despite the flooding.

East Kidwai Nagar, located in South New Delhi has been one of the affected areas along with many such areas during the heavy downpour on last Friday. As reported in media, the flooding was mainly attributed to a lot of water that overflowed through Barapullah (drain) and one of its walls which breached. The day’s rainfall was said to be the highest in June since 1936.

The residents of the society praised the prompt action from the NBCC maintenance team which resulted in quick restoration of the facilities (lift and parking). One of the residents went on to record its appreciation by saying “Certain things are the ACTS OF GOD and Perils of Nature are unavoidable. Any amount of immaculate planning cannot mitigate certain risks and we need to endure. But the tenacity displayed by the NBCC team deserves a special applause from all of us. When we were all watching cricket, they were the ones, who were stuck, knee deep into water.

Their services deserve the same appreciation that an ARMY SOLDIER deserves Jai Hind.”