Himalaya, firmly believes that genuine beauty radiates when one liberate oneself from the constraints of stereotypes

The campaign’s video captures the essence of stepping beyond the confines of societal beauty ideals. The video showcases a dynamic installation set up within a bustling mall, immediately grabbing the attention of passersby and involving them in a thought-provoking experience.

Commencing with a captivating time-lapse of the carefully arranged installation in the mall, the video portrays a creative whiteboard installed on the premises that has beauty stereotypes like “Only fair is beautiful,” “Tea makes your complexion black,” and “Girls look better when fair” written on it. These stereotypes that are prevalent in society are to be erased with the help of a duster – reminiscent of Himalaya’s Rose Face Wash – symbolizing liberation from these constraints. The video captures the diverse reactions of mall visitors – curiosity, agreement, and a yearning for change, along with their unique experiences that they were kind enough to share.

The core theme of the campaign comes to the forefront as various individuals step up to challenge biases that clash with their beliefs, each making a sweeping gesture against stifling conventions. The event’s host actively participates, interacting with the volunteers and acknowledging their contributions. As a token of appreciation, Himalaya Wellness Company distributed the face wash to encourage consumers to move towards a stereotype-free society. The subsequent compelling montage showcases participants proudly displaying the products or striking poses. The model’s once-concealed face emerges confidently, mirroring the potential societal transformation achievable through the defiance of stereotypes.

The video concludes with a poignant message emphasizing the concept of embracing authenticity: “Celebrate the Power of Being Yourself with Himalaya Natural Glow Rose Face Wash.” This impactful tagline serves as an encouraging call to action, inspiring individuals to cast aside established norms and wholeheartedly embrace their true selves.

Ms. Gayatri Kabilan, Category Manager – Face Wash, expresses her thoughts on the video, sharing, “At Himalaya, we firmly believe that genuine beauty radiates when we liberate ourselves from the constraints of stereotypes. We are of the view that everyone possesses unique and innate beauty, irrespective of age, gender, or skin tone. Through this initiative, Himalaya Wellness Company seeks to empower everyone to challenge beauty stereotypes and embrace their authentic selves.”

The campaign reaches its zenith with the appearance of the Himalaya Wellness Company logo and the showcased product, Rose Face Wash, accompanied by the resounding message, “Every face glows.” This serves as a reminder that genuine radiance emanates from embracing one’s distinct identity.