Sawan Da Mela: A Vibrant Celebration of Punjab’s Rich Heritage (in Mumbai)


Organized by Savy Kaur- Chairperson of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies), Ravleen K Sabharwal- President of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies), and Manjeet Kahai- Vice President and Event Coordinator of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies)

As part of the Sawan Da Mela event, attendees had the opportunity to witness a live performance by the very popular artist Poonam Bhatia. The celebration also saw the presence of actors like Bhagyashree P, Upasna Singh, Sheeba Akashdeep Sabir, Kiran Bawa, Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Pawanpreet Kaur and many more

26th August 2023 in Mumbai- The Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies) proudly presents “Sawan Da Mela,” an event that epitomizes the essence of Punjab’s cultural richness, unity, and diversity in Mumbai. The event, organized by the dedicated community organization Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumba Ladies) aims to showcase the heartwarming traditions of Punjab through captivating activities.

PCG (Mumbai Ladies) is committed to preserving and promoting the vibrant cultural heritage of Punjab. Through a diverse range of engaging activities, PCG (Mumbai Ladies) strives to educate, entertain, and foster unity among people from all backgrounds. By celebrating traditional arts, music, dance, and cuisines, PCG (Mumbai Ladies) bridges generational gaps and ensures that the spirit of Punjab continues to flourish in Mumbai.

PCG (Mumbai Ladies) warmly welcomes individuals from all walks of life to participate in fostering an atmosphere of unity and mutual understanding. The organization encourages embracing the past while celebrating the present, creating a brighter future that values cultural diversity and shared heritage.

“Savy Kaur, Chairperson of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies), expresses“Sawan Da Mela is more than an event; it’s a heartfelt celebration that captures the very essence of Punjab’s cultural opulence, unity, and the beautiful tapestry of diversity that defines us. Through this event, we aim to weave together traditions, stories, and joy, fostering a sense of belonging and shared heritage”

Ravleen K Sabharwal, President of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies), enthusiastically states 
“Sawan Da Mela stands as a testament to Punjab’s cultural opulence, unity, and the vibrant mosaic of diversity within our community. This event radiates the spirit of togetherness and reflects our commitment to cherishing and sharing the treasures of our heritage”

Manjeet Kahai, Vice President/ event coordinator of Punjabi Cultural Group (Mumbai Ladies) affirms “Sawan Da Mela resonates with the very soul of Punjab’s cultural splendor, weaving together threads of unity and celebrating the beautiful medley of our diverse traditions. This event encapsulates our collective journey of embracing our roots while embracing one another”