Enjoy the ‘Ona Sadhya’s traditional multi-course vegetarian meal served on the festive occasion,on banana leaf featuring over 25+ dishes at ‘THANGABALI

The Onasadya is often considered more than a feast. It is a tradition that brings together all the members of the family, the meal being an important element of the festive season.

It is one meal to be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

The leaf is laid in front of the person with its tip pointing to the left side. Papad is placed on the left end of the leaf and the banana would be placed just above it.

Salt is served on the right side of the papad. The place of the plantain chips and sarkkaravaratti are on the lower left of the leaf.

While Kings fought wars over spices, our Maharajas happily exchanged cuisine secrets across the South East Asia, or rather Akhand Bharat.

Did you know that Idli is from Indonesia? The largest Hindu temple in the world is in Cambodia? Or for that matter there is a city called Ayuthya in Thailand where they believe Rama was born?

Entire Akhand Bharat’s cuisine is tied up beautifully by one ingredient, the Coconut. Our cuisine & culture was shared and exchanged over centuries by Karikala Chola, Raja Raja Chola,Vel Kelu Kuttuvan, Krishnadevaraya, Vishnuvardhana, Mayurasharma, Pulakeshin, Amoghavarsha and many more Maharajas.

Thangabali is an amalgamation of all these beautiful stories, it takes great pride in its cuisine & history.

Many stories have been foretold over scrumptious family dinners which have been passed down over generations in South India.

We want our patrons to bond over family discussions & enjoy the rich taste of all five South Indian States at Thangabali.

South India is very rich in spices, flavours & methods of cooking. Coconut Oil is one of the main ingredients used in South Indian Cusine.

It is the only source that has sodium monolauric acid and hence one of the the most powerful mediums of cooking in the world. South Indian Cuisine is also known for fermented foods and all fermented foods have Vitamin K2, again making south Indian cuisine the most powerful and healthy.

Dharmesh Karmokar – Restaurateur – THANGANBALI

This cuisine also uses lots of Tamarind, Kokum, Jaggery, Coconut milk in its recipes which are all healthy ingredients for a tropical climate.

Come and soak the Thangabali experience and break into the paroxysms of joy.

This is our 7th year as a brand. And we would like to thank all our patrons for making us a part of their eating out experience.

South India has been the spice destination for the world over centuries, and one of the reasons the Europeans came to India.

As all know that the cuisine in the Southern part of india does not indulge in cream, butter, mava or cheese making it extremely healthy.

We use fresh ingredients, fermented foods and home made chutneys & pickles.

Give us an opportunity to introduce you to the little parts of the vast cuisine of the 5 southern states.

If Kerala has the joy of subtle aromatic flavour and lots of coconut milk & black gold then Andhra has the fire of the Guntur chilli and tangy flavours

.Tamil cuisine has its rich, cultural heritage along with its sophistication and global influence then Karnatak has the wide variety of coastal, hills and family recipes.

While Telangana has the cuisine of Nawabs.

Courtesy : In Conversation with Dharmesh Karmokar – Restaurateur – THANGANBALI..Mahim & Thane